Biden faces bipartisan pressure to ban Russian oil and increase US production

RussiaInvasion Ukraine He urged Washington lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to demand a ban on energy imports from what energy market strategists thought was unimaginable just a few weeks ago.

Russia’s oil ban, which the United States receives daily in the hundreds of thousands of barrels, represents a major shift in energy policy and could impact US fuel costs.Still, the idea has recently gained major bipartisan support among lawmakers and has surprised energy market strategists as the Moscow war. Ukraine The earth ratcheted up the reaction.

“I never thought that the U.S. government would unite to ban Russia’s oil supply in any way,” veteran oil strategist Dan Dicker told The Washington Times. rice field. “It has a big impact on prices, and politicians have to take responsibility for it. Putin For what heAction is one of the greatest and heroic actions of the century. “

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party of California approved a ban on Russia’s oil imports on Thursday. In addition, bipartisan and bicameral parliamentary groups have announced emergency measures to stop all Russian energy imports.

However White House Gasoline prices have risen further, and the move has continued to oppose the Russian president’s fears of “filling his pocket.” Vladimir PutinWho can sell oil elsewhere with a higher price tag.

“We have no strategic interest in reducing global energy supply, which will raise the price of gasoline pumps for Americans,” he said. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. “That’s certainly a big factor for the president at this point.”

Opposite from White House Senator Joe Manchin III, who learned of Mr. Pusaki’s comments, seemed shocked and angry while talking to reporters about bipartisan efforts to ban Russia’s imports towards the ban. The centrist Democratic Party of West Virginia called this statement “irresponsible.”

“They are very wrong. They are very wrong,” Manchin said. White House.. “When we talk about inconvenience, can you imagine living in? Ukraine just now? This is life or death. “

At Capitol Hill, most of the uncertainty or opposition to the ban lies among Democrats, including New York Senate majority leader Charles E. Schumer. Concerns about rising pump costs are primarily fueling their concerns.

They also question how much it affects him. Putin for RussiaAbility to sell to other countries.

Last year, about 8% of US oil imports RussiaOr, according to the Energy Information Agency, about 672,000 barrels per day.This is equivalent to what the United States offers Russia For tens of millions of dollars a day.The United States accounted for 13% of RussiaOil exports total about 5 million barrels per day worldwide.

Proponents of the ban want other countries to follow US leadership and further detain him. PutinAbility to fund war.

“I think there is a moral obligation here. I don’t want the US dollar to fund this genocide. Ukraine Guided by Putin“Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who supports the ban, said. “We can help improve the pressure on us, we can help improve the pressure on our allies. But we say,” Well, I We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing, “and don’t reward them effectively. Putin.. “

The list of lawmakers in favor of a bipartisan law banning Russia’s oil continued to grow on Thursday, covering the entire range of idealism. In addition to Mr. Manchin and Mr. Murkowski, Senator John Tester of the Democratic Party of Montana was included. John Hickenlooper, Democratic Party of Colorado; Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina. And Rob Portman, Ohio Republican Party.

“So I was wondering because Nancy Pelosi is with us: what am I doing?” Graham equipped. “”[Putin], You have done something that no one else can. “

The list also included Josh Gottheimer of the Democratic Party of New Jersey and Brian Fitzpatrick of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, leaders of the House Problem Solver’s Caucus.

The group said US energy companies have the ability to mitigate soaring gasoline prices by aggressively increasing production to make up for the deficit left by Russia’s energy shortages.With an energy strategist White House Its domestic production will not be able to immediately fill the void left by the ban. RussiaCongressmen continued to hope that their bipartisan efforts could help end the war.

Biden faces bipartisan pressure to ban Russian oil and increase US production

Source link Biden faces bipartisan pressure to ban Russian oil and increase US production

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