Biden announces 500 million COVID-19 vaccine donations abroad

Washington – On Thursday, President Biden officially announced that the United States would buy 500 million doses Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for global supply. The president made a presentation in Cornwall after a “very productive” meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The president said the United States “directly” knew of World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the tragedy of this pandemic that killed more than the “complex” of 9/11. But now that nearly two-thirds of American adults have been vaccinated at least once, Americans can help, he said.

“At this point, our values ​​demand that we do everything we can to vaccinate the world against COVID-19. It is also America’s self-interest. As long as the virus is rampant elsewhere, there is a risk of new mutations that can threaten our people. ”

According to the White House, the United States will administer 200 million doses by the end of the year and the remaining 300 million doses in the first half of 2022. The vaccine will begin shipping in August.

Biden emphasized that the vaccine dose was “untied.”

“I’m doing this to save my life, that’s it,” the president said.

Mr Biden’s speech concludes his first full day in the UK, where he landed for the Group of Seven Summit on Wednesday. Since taking office in January, outside the United States. This is my first visit to.

Dosages will be distributed through COVAX, a global initiative aimed at ensuring equitable access to coronavirus testing and vaccines. 92 low and middle income countries And the African Union.

High-ranking government officials told reporters that the Biden administration had already allocated $ 2 billion to COVAX to cover Pfizer’s shooting costs, and the remaining $ 1.5 billion was the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package enacted in March. He said it would come from funds already available in the US Relief Program.

Biden has already promised to donate at least 80 million vaccinations It will be supplied from the United States by the end of June. This will allow a total of 580 million doses.

Biden announces 500 million COVID-19 vaccine donations abroad

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