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Biden administration appeals ruling ending Title 42 border policy

The Biden administration Wednesday appealed a federal judge’s ruling that ended the Title 42 pandemic policy that allows the government to deport illegal immigrants.

The move drew immediate condemnation from immigrant rights activists who said President Biden was turning his back on his commitment to providing better treatment to illegal immigrants, especially those who wanted to claim asylum but were kept out by Title 42. collected.

Justice Department attorneys have filed a brief notice of appeal with Judge Emmett G. Sullivan. Judge Emmett G. Sullivan last month dropped Title 42 as no longer justifiable.

“The Government respectfully disagrees with this Court’s decision and argues on appeal, as it argued in this Court, that the CDC’s Title 42 order is lawful,” the Government filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington. claimed in the notice issued.

Attorneys said they plan to ask the appeals court to stay the entire matter pending while other legal battles over Title 42 unfold. This includes new regulations that

Title 42 was launched by the Trump administration at the start of the pandemic as a way to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus by illegal immigrants.

Biden and his allies denounced the policy as cruel, but maintained it for more than a year before bowing to pressure from immigration activists and announcing its repeal.

Homeland Security officials have acknowledged that the end of Title 42 will likely start new runs at the border, doubling the already record number.

Armed with that data, a federal judge in Louisiana issued an injunction blocking the Biden administration from ending Title 42. The ruling contradicts Judge Sullivan’s decision, and the Justice Department has said it needs to see how the case unfolds.

But Wednesday’s appeal angered immigrant rights activists.

“Today’s announcement from the Biden administration is political football of the worst kind,” said Murad Awaudeh, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition. “After defending Title 42 for a year, the government tried to terminate the program this spring. They are trying to circumvent their humanitarian obligations.”

The difficulty with the Biden administration is that Title 42 works.

In fact, even as it fought in Louisiana courts to end Title 42, the government announced expanded policies to deal with Venezuelan immigrants who were flowing north in unprecedented numbers.

The Department of Homeland Security announced the deportation, which combined with a small program to temporarily accept thousands of Venezuelans, said the number of Venezuelans attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border had plummeted. Biden administration appeals ruling ending Title 42 border policy

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