Better believes in Tom Brady’s Buccaneers

Las Vegas — Shortly after the Super Bowl line opened on Sunday night, the vulnerable Buccaneers began to see money. As bets continued to flow in almost one direction, it became clear that oddsmakers once again underestimated Tom Brady’s power and influence on the betting mass.

“Money was flowing into Tampa Bay, the same thing we’ve seen for three weeks in a row,” said John Murray, director of the Westgate Superbook.

It only took a few hours for the line to move from Chiefs -3.5 to -3. Many bettors are obsessed with Brady and the Buccaneers who have won three straight-road playoff games to become the first team in NFL history to play the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

In reality, money began on Tampa Bay last summer when Murray and many other bookmakers ridiculed all of Brady’s betting love.

“I couldn’t believe the Buccaneers were in the Super Bowl,” Murray said. “I know a lot of people betting Super Bowl futures on the Buccaneers. In August I mocked everything. I was wrong. It’s daunting for them to get to the Super Bowl. That’s it. “

At least one bettor envisioned this scenario with amazing foresight.

Brady abandoned the Patriots and signed with the Buccaneers in mid-March. Two weeks ago, Better appeared in the South Point Sportsbook, betting $ 10,000 on Tampa Bay and winning the Super Bowl at 60/1 odds. But he is not in the cashout window yet.

The Buccaneers still need to deal with the Patrick Mahomes-led chief on February 7. Kansas City is about to become the first Super Bowl repeat winner since Brady led New England to a series of titles in 2004-05.

“Looking back 30 years, Brady Mahomes may be the biggest quarterback match in Super Bowl history,” Murray said.

This is Brady’s tenth Super Bowl with six wins. This is the second appearance for Mahomes, who is 25 years old and 18 years younger than Brady.

“Mahomes is the type of player I’ve never seen in the NFL,” said John Avello, DraftKings sportsbook director. “He can not only run around and play crazy, but also throw the ball and do everything.

“Being Tom Brady, I have to respect him, but he doesn’t have the same skills anymore. Throwing the ball downfield is a problem for him.”

Brady passed three touchdowns, but threw three intercepts on Sunday as the Buccaneers confused the Packers (31-26) in Green Bay. Avello and Murray each said they were far more impressed with Mahomes’ performance in the Chiefs’ 38-24 victory over Bills. Mahomes passed 325 yards and three touchdowns without a passcut.

“Our feeling is that Kansas City is firing aggressively on all cylinders, which is why we opened Line 3.5,” Murray said. “I certainly don’t feel Brady had a great match. He threw three picks in the second half and Brady’s receiver rescued him many times.”

Avello said Tampa Bay’s home field advantage is worth one point on the Super Bowl line.

“If the chiefs didn’t look so good on Sunday, the line would have been 2 or 2.5,” Avello said. “If the line was 2.5, it’s probably easy for most people to score points. With 3.5, you have to start thinking about it. Everyone will make a big bet on this game.”

The Super Bowl total started at 57.5 and dropped to 56.5. This is the same one posted at the team’s regular season meeting.

The Buccaneers have won seven straight games since Mahomes’ 27-24 defeat to the Chiefs on November 29, after passing 462 yards and three touchdowns. Popular on 3.5-point roads, Kansas City led 27-10 in the fourth quarter.

“The Bucks attack feels like it’s actually starting to click towards the end of the season,” said Las Vegas Probetter Chuck Edel. “This is difficult, but I’ll probably lean that way in Tampa Bay.”

There is one important injury that should be taken into account for handicap. The Chiefs will be without a left tackle to Eric Fisher, who suffered from an Achilles tendon rupture on Sunday. The Buccaneers, who fired the Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers five times, need to use the holes in the Kansas City attack line to put pressure on Mahomes.

Murray said his money would be in Mahomes, and Brady would have to prove again that he was wrong.

“Everyone would think I hate Brady, but he’s 43,” Murray said. “He now confronts the young gun, and he fills his hands with this.”

Better believes in Tom Brady’s Buccaneers

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