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Execution time: 133 minutes. Rated R (language, sexual material, and some substance use.) November 26 at the theater.

It will always be a moving experience to see Cooper Hoffman, the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, make his acting debut. His father, an Oscar-winning genius, Died in 2014..

But what we never imagined was Cooper’s freshman performance (he’s so green, his IMDB page. I don’t have a photo yet) Will be one of the best movies of the year among the best movies of Paul Thomas Anderson’s illustrious “Licorice Pizza” in 2021.

This amazing kid should be competing in an Oscar race, but as expected we’re crazy about big names. Let’s fix it.

“Licorice Pizza” is a movie that will be cherished even after the lights are on. It’s a story of the arrival of a completely unique and endlessly amazing era, carefully sentimental, knocked down, and entertainingly dragged. Writing is perfect. Rich and colorful shooting. This movie is a great acting highlight reel. The moment the credit rolled, I wanted to rewind and see it again.

Director “Boogie Nights”, who has a fatal allergy to making bad movies, has found the perfect blend of roles and actors with Hoffman. He gives a teenage turn equivalent to Tom Cruise in “Risk Business” and Matthew Broderick in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Suddenly”, but the importance of this comment is much deeper than that of young men. It has become.

Hoffman plays Gary Valentine, a mix of 15-year-old Cyrano de Bergerac / Harold Hill / Dougie Hauser in California in 1973. He is a fascinating old soul, playing the role of a small movie and spending his money on a strange side business. For example, he runs a PR company for a local restaurant and opens a waterbed shop.

Most nights, Gary haunts Tail’O The Cock, a sort of old Hollywood-style eatery still found in Palm Springs, sitting in a bar and nursing coke like a straight gin. Talk with. Again, there are only 15 smooth talkers.

One day at school, Gary met the 25-year-old Alana (Alanaheim), a yearbook headshot photographer, chatted with her and managed to get her number.

Alanaheim and Cooper Hoffman appear in “Licorice Pizza”.
Courtesy MGM Studio

And one of the most striking and complex on-screen romance in the last few years begins. On paper, you raise your eyebrows by the age difference of the pair. But what makes the film so fascinating and secretly powerful is our complex emotions about the incredible compatibility of the actor with the gap.

Another big question in the viewer’s mind is whether Heim can act.She is famous for being One-third of the music group Heim (Both her sister and parents have also appeared in the movie). Answer: Oh, that’s right. Alana is experiencing what millennials have called the “quarter life crisis.” She is approaching 30 years old, has no career or romantic outlook, and is still living with her parents. Heim takes the melancholy life of her character and makes it lovable, friendly and human.

This Anderson is another Anderson (Wes) Earlier this year I failed in the “French Dispatch”. In this movie, Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper (not tied up like Barbra Streisand’s ex-John Peters, hysterical), John C. Riley, Maya Rudolph, Harriet Harris (she said, “You’re a fighter! “). But the cast list isn’t a gimmick, and no one has cashed the check. They make a two-minute cameo epic. The A-list “dispatch” actors each referred to one monotonous line, called Uber.

The work of the director is also easy to see. He has returned many times in the 70’s with movies. He thank God for being one of the few directors who can assemble that fascinating decade in a dirty, ominous, and decadent way.

In particular, it’s good that Anderson bet on newcomers to play the perfectly written lead actor. It was rewarded.

Best movie of the year

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