Best Guide for Choosing Gift Items for Newborn Baby Hampers

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world is very exciting. But at the same time, it’s very challenging for the parents as preparation for the new baby can be overwhelming. People around the new parents are expected to shower them with love at this time.

New born baby hampers in Singapore are very stylish and feature premium quality brands. A new born baby hamper in Singapore will always make this joyous occasion memorable. The gift items in the baby hamper are packed in a perfect way to present them in one fabulous package.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect baby hamper online.

How to choose the best gift items for a newborn baby hamper

  1. Personalize the gift

Personalize your gift to make it leave a lasting impression. You can personalize your gift by printing the child’s name and date of birth on the label. You can have the baby’s name printed on the gift, whether it’s a t-shirt, bath towel, blankets or playsuit.

Baby proof cutlery with the baby’s name imprinted is also a perfect gift idea. These can be pretty baby bowls, dishes or spoons in your new born baby hamper in Singapore.

  1. Stick to useful items

What makes your gift truly special it’s its usefulness to the new parents. Thus when choosing the gift items for a newborn baby hamper in Singapore, you should stick to suitable gifts for the baby and parents.

Blankets, jumpsuits, playsuits, baby socks and onesies are among the newborn gifts that are safe to include in your newborn baby hamper.

  1. Don’t buy something unsafe or too huge for the baby

This may look obvious, but it isn’t, especially for people who haven’t given newborn baby hamper in Singapore before.

Buying a newborn baby a giant stuffed animal isn’t adorable as it can cause many inconveniences. In some cases, it’s even dangerous for a baby to play with such.

Ideal newborn baby hamper gift items should be baby-proof, soft, simple, easy to use and non-threatening.

  1. Get items that can be immediately useful

Perfect newborn hamper items should provide immediate usefulness. Items that can provide immediate usefulness include diaper packs, diaper bags, bath towels, baby face & butt wipes and baby shampoo.

New parents are likely to forget to buy these essential items. Thus gifting them can help a lot.

On the other hand, you should avoid hair & style accessories or toys as the newborn baby will rarely use them. Thus when looking for items to include in your newborn baby hamper, Singapore try to look past pretty, shiny and go for the basics.

  1. Choose to impress the parents

An impressive newborn baby hamper in Singapore will always bring a special touch to the parents. Get creative and arrange the items in your baby hamper for an impressive presentation. You can create a beautiful bouquet out of colorful baby towels or baby clothes.


A new born baby hamper in Singapore is the perfect gift to send to new parents. Sending newborn baby hampers is also a way of expressing your love, care and thoughtfulness.

Newborn hampers contain a range of smaller gifts, and there is something practical, something for the mom and something to indulge. Thus you need to choose the items properly as you know that the baby will use them daily.


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