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Begins selling adult recreational marijuana across Connecticut

Stamford, Connecticut — Demand was strong on the first Tuesday recreational cannabis For sale in Connecticut.

Some medical marijuana distributors are now permitted to sell cannabis products to adults over the age of 21.

CBS2 spoke with employees and customers when the marijuana market opened in 2018. Stanford.

They cut the ribbon at 9:30 am and started selling at 10:00 am in the showroom where the tools are displayed, but all the pot products are stored in the back room.

Dave Novak of Fairfield was the first formal adult customer to use cannabis at Fine Fettle.

“About two years after they legalized it, I don’t know why it took them so long to open these shops, but they did. I’m happy to be able to

Others left with vape cartridges or pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes.

Dave Clark drove up from Manhattan.

“I was born and raised in Connecticut, so it’s special to me to be able to exercise that freedom back home,” Clark said.

A woman named Kim from Norwalk added, “I’m glad that it’s legalized and that it’s finally available for sale and that I can buy it legally.”

Fine Fettle opened in 2019 for medical marijuana customers. He is currently one of seven dispensaries authorized to sell cannabis products to adults over the age of 21.

To control crowds, customers pre-order and reserve a pick-up time.

Fine Fettle Stamford opened its online pre-order window at 3pm Monday. By midnight, we had processed 500 online orders.

“Connecticut wanted to make sure it was done right, so to make sure, we worked on the local zoning, got all the paperwork, knew how to operate, and hired staff. We are thrilled to be here today, an 18-month plan,” said Ben Zachs, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

The state says legal pot means hundreds of jobs and millions of new tax revenues.

The law legalizing adult cannabis use in Connecticut also cleared 44,000 previous convictions for low-level cannabis possession.

new york is First Recreational Clinic Last Monthand New Jersey led the region last April. Begins selling adult recreational marijuana across Connecticut

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