Barry Trotz does not “question” Oliver Wahlstrom “sitting on the Islanders”

Faced with aggressive and explosive teams like Lightning in the Stanley Cup semifinals, the islanders knew they would need contributions from all four lines to catch up.

But later Shutout 1-0 in Round 7 on Friday In order to severely stop their post-season runs, they questioned whether the islanders’ lineup had everything they needed to compete aggressively with Tampa Bay. Especially because the winger Oliver Wahlstrom seemed to be available.

Rookie Wafflestrom, who scored 12 goals in the regular season, suffered a lower body injury in Game 6 of the first round series with penguins. He scored goals and two assists in five playoff games before he was injured, but is said to have returned after the second round with Bruins.

By Game 1 of the Lightning series, Wafflestrom had a pre-game warm-up and seemed ready. However, head coach Barry Trotz chose to stay with veteran Travis The Jack, who replaced Wafflestrom on line three.

Oliver Waffle Strom
Oliver Waffle Strom
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Asked if he questioned his decision not to bring Walstrom back into the lineup, Trotz said he didn’t, implying that other injuries were the cause.

“I don’t question any decision,” Trotz said on Sunday during an exit interview with the islanders. “If you can sit in the coach’s room and know about injuries and all the possibilities, it’s easy to play fantasy hockey, even without all the information. It’s part of the business.

“We lost 1-0 with a short-handed goal. To beat Tampa Bay Lightning, we couldn’t turn it into a track meet and try end-to-end scoring …. Must defend, and as you can finally see we had some people, the guy was smashed and hurt so you have to cover all your bases I had to.

“After all, we make the decisions we make and you can’t look back. It’s a weak way to do that.”

Wafflestrom said he felt his game had evolved throughout his first NHL season and was excited to return to the training camp. It was hard to stand by for most of the postseason, but the 21-year-old said it was a learning experience.

“Obviously, it’s really hard to get injured,” Wafflestrom said. “You wanted to play with all your siblings and it was hard, but at the same time experiencing it was a good learning experience. And mentally, it was a bit of a headache, so It was really hard. “

Jean-Gabriel Pageau admitted that he was “slightly smashed” in the semi-final series, but refused to elaborate.

After scoring 3 goals and dishing 10 assists in the first two rounds, Pageau became meaningless to Lightning and it was clear that it wasn’t 100%.

“I would rather keep it personal, but obviously there are small ones, but no different from others,” he said. “At this point of the year, everyone has been beaten up.”

Trotz has revealed that the islanders are hoping to open the road next season to allow the construction of the UBS Arena to be completed.

Barry Trotz does not “question” Oliver Wahlstrom “sitting on the Islanders”

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