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Bachelor 2022 Summary: Episode 3 Rose Ceremony Draws a Line in the Sand

“Single” Episode 3 begins with the guys getting a preview of the week coming from Jesse. He tells them that there are two one-to-one dates and one large group date. There are still more than 20 guys at home, so Gabby and Rachel really need to start going deeper with these guys.

Rachel and Zack’s Red Carpet One-to-One Date

The date card shows that Zack was chosen for the first one-on-one of the week. Rachel and Zack head for their date, and the couple is greeted by a relationship expert, Caramo. It’s time for a fashion show, of course, as he informed them that they would be attending the red carpet premiere event.

After an entertaining montage of glittering outfits (including a backpack), the pair poses for the photo and plunges into the red carpet. When their amazingly private show kicks off, the title card says “Me and You.” This isn’t a blockbuster movie premiere, but a fun show of home movies featuring both Rachel and Zack.

They remind us of the coincidence that both fathers take them to the airport to see the plane take off and land-what is the chance? They share a kiss and dance, and Rachel offers him a rose.

Gabby and Eric’s date and Grandpa John’s return!

Erich gets the second one-to-one date of the week, but learns to be really two-to-one. No, he doesn’t date both Rachel and Gabby. Instead, Gabby’s Grandpa John-became famous in the country of bachelor’s degree from Gabby’s hometown date in Clayton’s season-joins them for their date.

Going out begins with three people going to the sound bus, followed by a bowling night. There, Grandpa John may have found his own love connection. The day is full of laughter, but when it comes to dating evenings, things get a more serious tone.

Gabby is open about having no relationship with her mother and feels so hurt that no one can love her. She becomes emotional and leaves to compose herself. When she returns, Eric says he really likes her and he’s always open and honest. This calms her fears and she offers him roses.

Date of the largest group in bachelor’s history

Rachel and Gabby decide to have one huge group date with the remaining 19 men, as so many men are left without a date this week. What do you do on a group date with so many people? The answer is photography (always photography).

Men are given a variety of clothing, from formal attire to cowboy outfits. When a man poses with Gabby and Rachel, we are treated to another hilarious montage. Tino, Logan, Nate, and Tyler take “suggestion” photos, while other men are literally dressed as babies (yes, diapers, etc.).

Next, let’s move on to the evening part of the group date. I’m looking for Rachel, but I’m souring her Gabby. Gabby appreciates their honesty, but Tyler, Hayden, and Jacob all tell her they’re there to chase Rachel. Hayden even says he doesn’t want to be with someone who is pretty insulting “rough”. It fuels Gabby’s anxiety and ultimately leads her not to give her a rise in group dating. Rachel, however, raised the date of her group to Aven.

The cocktail party was canceled and the most dramatic rose ceremony ever took place

Just before the mixed night begins, Jesse informs the man that the cocktail party has been cancelled. He also drops another bomb on the man: this process is no longer working for Gabby and Rachel. He explains that from this point on, they will divide the men into two groups. One group concentrates on finding her love with Rachel, and the other explores a journey with Gabby.

Things get messy here. Each woman distributes her own roses, but men must commit to one of the women. You no longer have to play both (see you, Logan and Mario).

So this is how everything went down. Listed below are all the roses offered and whether the man accepted or rejected them.

Rachel’s rose

-Tino (approved)

-Logan (approved)

-Termain (decline)

-Alec (decline)

-Tyler (approved)

-Ethan (approved)

-Jordan (approved)

-Meatball (decline)

-Hayden (Approved)

Gabby roses

-Nate (approved)

-Johnny (approved)

-Spencer (approved)

-Jason (approved)

-Mario (approved)

-Kirk (approved)

-Quincy (approved)

-Michael (approved)

Rachel feels embarrassed, and, of course, when three men offered roses to turn her down. You can watch the drama unfold in the video featured in the player above.

The men who went home without roses were meatballs, Termine, Alec, and Jacob. Have you ever seen the last one? While the credits are starting to roll, we see meatballs basically begging Rachel to stay him, and we’re left with this cliffhanger until next week’s episode!

So do you think Rachel will bring him back? Or is this meatball past its expiration date? Check it out next week as “single”.

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Bachelor 2022 Summary: Episode 3 Rose Ceremony Draws a Line in the Sand

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