Away Luggage Announces New Limited Edition Holiday Collection

The holiday season is approaching. It may mean that you usually pack your suitcase and head to the airport to visit family and friends, or go on a vacation planned a few months ago, but this year looks a little different. ..

Currently, the inability to go on an exotic vacation does not mean that the trip will be canceled forever. Luggage brand Away’s new holiday launch reminds us of that very thing. The celebrity-approved travel brand has released a limited edition holiday collection with an assortment of stylish (and highly photogenic) luggage, bags and accessories.

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This year’s trip is a little different … Courtesy away

Away asked artist Robert Beatty to create a custom illustration for the holiday campaign. The images are of almost psychedelic quality and are intended to be reminiscent of the rather surrealistic atmosphere that is now inherited around the world.

This collection is perfect if you’re looking for the right gift for a companion who’s crazy about traveling (or yourself because it deserves something nice), but these pieces are a jet set lifestyle. It’s not just about it. Many of us are now stuck in one place, and Away’s Holiday Drops do just that. Therefore, there are many products that are not limited to travel.

For now, this is a trip. Courtesy away

But for those who are always looking for a new suitcase, Away is a classic polycarbonate loved by new colorways, including shimmering shades and matte styles, in all normal sizes, including carry-on, big carry. We are releasing a hard case style-on, medium, large.

The brand has also released a rethinked version of the leather everyday bag, two bright black and white shades, and a large everyday bag. There are also some new items, such as a chic yet functional purse-like mini everywear bag. It has an internal organizing pocket for keys and technical essentials.

The mask is the most important accessory. Courtesy away

If you’re looking for other more everyday styles, there are two new shades of Zip backpacks, both small and large toiletry bags, jewelry boxes and passport holders. Scroll through the slideshow above to see Away’s limited edition holiday collection.

Away Luggage Announces New Limited Edition Holiday Collection

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