Audits undermined Kamala Harris’s allegations by finding that border guards did not abuse pregnant migrants

Border guard agents did not abuse pregnant migrants who began giving birth shortly after being arrested, official inspectors said Friday, shooting down Sen’s story at the time. Kamala Harris Seized during the presidential election.

MS. HarrisEcho the complaint filed by the woman, she The husband said the Guatemalan mother was forced to stand up and give birth. she For babies she The agent doesn’t help. MS. Harris He called it “totally sneaky” and demanded an inspector general’s investigation.

However, investigators said they “did not substantiate” reports of abuse in the February 16, 2020 case.

The Inspector General’s report does not specifically address the allegations made by women she For children she For my pants, I give the agent a general disclaimer by saying that I followed the procedure.

“When we examined the situation surrounding childbirth at Chula Vista Station, the border guard provided appropriate medical support to the mother, and she He is a newborn baby and has adhered to applicable policies, “said the Inspector General.

However, according to investigators, the baby was detained overnight at a border guard facility due to the birth of a US citizen and slept with his mother in a solid crib.

This is not the first time a newborn has been detained for what appears to be too long, according to audits. The Inspector General said the agent needed to find a way to prevent it from happening.

“The BP station is not a place for young children,” wrote one director in the wake of the birth of Chula Vista.

However, only a few months ago, inspectors found that another mother and newborn were detained for three nights.

Overall, the Customs and Border Protection does not track such cases comprehensively, so it is impossible to know how often migrants give birth while in custody at the border, the audit said.

However, the audit found dozens of instances in the billing record. In about one-third of cases, the baby and mother were detained overnight.

CBP provided an explanation. In the case of one family held for three days, the mother claimed she Fearing to be sent back to Mexico, it took three days to decide she Claim.

In another case, the mother herself was a boy and had to leave space under the law, causing more complications. she At a health and welfare facility.

But in five cases, the audit said overnight detention could have been avoided if authorities had facilitated the process.

In February 2020, CBP said the agent could not handle the woman because she gave birth so quickly. she.. When the mother and child were released from the hospital, they had to be returned to the border guard station for processing, which took until the next morning.

The inspector general said the woman was arrested at 2:30 pm and detained at a border guard station one minute later at 3:00 pm. she Directed to the area for processing, at 3:09 she Distribution started she According to the video footage, baby.

The baby was born at 3:17 and medical staff arrived she At 3:19. The mother and child were taken to a local hospital, stayed for two nights, and released on February 18 at 6:10 pm.The mother is returned to the border guard for processing and the child is she For the purpose of family integration, CBP said.

Both were released on February 19th at 2:03 pm

In its official response, CBP disagreed with some of the report’s conclusions on records management and said it had already taken steps to facilitate the custody of pregnant women.

In February, the Border Guard issued new guidelines that would allow for faster treatment and release of risky populations, including mothers with newborns.

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Audits undermined Kamala Harris’s allegations by finding that border guards did not abuse pregnant migrants

Source link Audits undermined Kamala Harris’s allegations by finding that border guards did not abuse pregnant migrants

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