Auckland’s Mama Restaurant (and its $ 35 fixed-price menu) is Beacon

It’s a very COVID-19 story.

Auckland couples, restaurant owners and owners of the Bay Grape Wine Shop, Stevie Stacionis and Josiah Bardivino, have opened. Mom In 2019, as an affordable set meal restaurant in honor of Stacionis’ Italian grandmother. After that, a pandemic broke out, closing early restaurants and forcing the former “Mama Maria” herself to spend her last days isolated in hospice care. And now, the restaurant has been reborn. The homage to its resurrection is more appealing than it was at the beginning, with changes that map the new landscape of the restaurant and its patrons.

“It was a mother-F-ing rides, people,” said the couple. Announcement on Mama Restaurant website About their resumption of inviting patrons to a “social contract” to keep moms and such restaurants open. “Mom’s first nine months were stressful, to say the least. Then March struck and the world was completely upside down … in the meantime, Mama herself was dying. Alone. I couldn’t meet the visitor at the hospice care. WTF. It was this persistent, relentless, very proud heartstring tugboat that said, “I can’t close the restaurant.” “

Source: Mama Oakland / Instagram

Therefore, the couple partnered with the local Hi Neighbor Hospitality Group (Trestle) to reopen this summer. Eater San Francisco And recent positive reviews San Francisco Chronicle It spurred new visitors to the place.

As is common in Europe, the original concept of offering the elusive Bay Area Unicorn (a high-value set menu at an affordable price (currently $ 34.95)) remains the same here. For example, recent menus offered yellow peach gazpacho or panzanella, followed by mom’s signature lasagna or spinach lasagna or lingin carbonara, ricotta cheesecake or chocolate tart.

However, the overall experience includes some important changes to adapt eating out to a new normal state.

Operators have taken the bold step of limiting the amount of time a eater can stay at the table, focusing on bookings to control the flow of customers.

“”[B]Due to the limited capacity of COVID, guests behind must also be taken to a safe place, “the couple wrote. Up is now. The world is now a different place than it was 14 months ago. If we don’t respond, or if we don’t stupidly do what we need to survive, we deserve to go out of business. “

Dining outdoors is one of many mom’s COVID adaptations. Photo: Mama Auckland / Instagram

The restaurant has also added an outdoor dining area, which uses a QR code to provide a touchless menu that guests can view on their smartphones. Eater San Francisco Report. After late August, if you are dining indoors, you will need proof of COVID vaccination with a photo ID of the eligible guest.

Mom’s owner also added a 20% service charge to the invoice. This is to move away from the “troublesome history of tips” and move towards the goal of “improving the care of the entire staff by providing complete benefits, vacations and professional development resources”. “After the rough ride, the hospitality worker has had it since COVID.

To the same end, restaurant menu prices have risen slightly more than ever, from $ 29.95 at the time of opening. But hey, that’s nothing compared to the price of toilet paper in the spring of 2020. And it gives you some simple add-ons, a list of wines selected to combine with the current menu with a 3-course menu complemented with an optional protein course for an additional fee (restart), and it’s “Simply make us happy.”

As the couple wrote, everything was inspired by the hospitality of the original Mama Maria herself. [reopening] About Mama Auckland’s heritage, it was about Mama herself — about Mama Maria’s teaching us about hospitality, welcoming people and making them feel safe and loved.

We will procure a glass of carefully selected and affordable wine.

Mom is Auckland’s 388 Grand Ave. It is in. The restaurant is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And Sundays, from 5 pm to 9 pm, Fridays. Saturdays, 5 pm to 10 pm (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). For more information, current menus and reservations, please visit:

Auckland’s Mama Restaurant (and its $ 35 fixed-price menu) is Beacon

Source link Auckland’s Mama Restaurant (and its $ 35 fixed-price menu) is Beacon

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