Asia Today: South Korea Tightens Restrictions to Fight Viruses

Seoul, South Korea (AP)-South Korea announced on Tuesday that it will tighten social distance rules to curb the resurrection of the coronavirus in the metropolitan area and parts of eastern Gangwon-do.

This announcement was made because South Korea’s daily virus count remained above 200 for four consecutive days. The country has experienced a steady increase in viral infections since it relaxed its social distance guidelines last month.

Health Minister Park Neung Hoo said the two-week distance rule needs to be adjusted to prevent the virus from spreading nationwide.

Under new rules that will take effect in these areas starting Thursday, authorities have banned more than 100 people from rallies, festivals, concerts and academic events. Theater, concert and library guests must sit at least one seat away, but sporting event spectators are limited to 30% of the stadium’s capacity.

The new rules also prohibit dancing in nightclubs and other high-risk entertainment venues, moving to other seats, and drinking and eating in karaoke rooms and concert halls.

South Korea added another 230 cases of the virus on Tuesday, increasing the country’s total, including 494 deaths, to 28,998 since the pandemic began.

In other developments in the Asia Pacific region:

-India’s new coronavirus infections over the last 24 hours have declined to 29,164 new infections and have continued to decline. The Ministry of Health also reported 449 new deaths on Tuesday, increasing the total death toll to 130,519. Since the beginning of the pandemic, about 8.9 million cases have been reported, and India is the second most devastating country after the United States, but the number of daily cases is steadily decreasing. Over the last 10 days, there have been less than 50,000 new cases daily. However, in New Delhi, there are still concerns about the number of new infections. The city has reported 3,797 new cases of coronavirus and 99 deaths in the last 24 hours. This is less than last week’s daily average of nearly 7,000 cases. However, health experts say the number of capitals has declined due to fewer tests done over the weekend.

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Asia Today: South Korea Tightens Restrictions to Fight Viruses

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