Asia Today: South Korea Opens More Virus Testing Site

Seoul, South Korea (AP)-South Korea has opened dozens of free COVID-19 testing sites in the Seoul metropolitan area as it registered an additional 718 new cases on Monday amid a surge in infection.

Korea Disease Control and Prevention said additional cases accounted for the entire country as the pandemic started 43,484 infections and killed 587 people. About 65% of new cases were found in the Seoul area, which is the center of the recent virus resurrection.

The additional cases were a decrease from the 1,030 cases reported the day before, the highest daily increase since South Korea confirmed the first case in January. According to observers, Monday’s numbers fell as a result of fewer tests done over the weekend, and the country’s case numbers are expected to skyrocket again this week.

Starting Monday, health authorities will phase out 150 virus testing centers in the Seoul area. It will be added to over 210 existing test sites.

Anyone can access and take the free test on the new site, which is scheduled to run for three weeks. Previously, anyone who wanted to take a diagnostic test on their own had to pay a fee if the test was negative.

In other developments in the Asia Pacific region:

-New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said he plans to open a travel bubble with Australia during the first quarter of 2021. This means that people traveling from Australia to New Zealand will not have to go into quarantine for two weeks after arrival. .. As part of that, Australia has already forced New Zealanders to skip quarantine. The announcement on Monday will come two days after New Zealand announces that it is planning a bubble similar to the Cook Islands. The two arrangements represent the first travel bubble that New Zealand has agreed to since closing the border when the coronavirus first struck earlier this year. New Zealand has been cautious about resuming overseas travel after stopping the spread of the virus to the community. Ardern said there are still some logistics issues to overcome, such as how to deal with the large influx of returning travelers in the event of another major outbreak in Australia. It was. The announcement comes as some relief for families separated by the virus and for many tourists who rely on visitors from Australia.


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Asia Today: South Korea Opens More Virus Testing Site

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