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Arizona Media Association Emerges from Broadcaster & Newspaper Union

The Arizona Broadcasters Association and Arizona Newspapers Association are joining forces to establish the unified Arizona Media Association. This merger is fueled by a determination to fortify local media’s significance and its indispensable role in fostering community ties.

With the transition set to wrap up this autumn, the merged entity will represent a robust network of over 350 radio stations, TV channels, newspapers, digital-only platforms, and affiliated members.

The new Arizona Media Association pledges several enhancements for its members:

  • For the Arizona Broadcasters Association members, the focus will be on amplifying funds for paid internships, boosting investment in marketing to underscore local media’s value, maintaining annual consumer habits research in Arizona, and championing press freedom both legally and through state legislature lobbying.
  • Meanwhile, members of the Arizona Newspapers Association will benefit from concentrated lobbying in Arizona, led by John Moody. Additionally, they’ll gain access to the above-mentioned enlarged services, including research, internship funding, and more.

The association’s journey continues on Sept. 22, when an annual gathering is scheduled to officially elect the 2024 board of directors and conduct its inaugural combined board meeting.

Current board members have endorsed a roster of potential 2024 leaders, and all members from the two pre-merger associations are entitled to vote. Voting is open until September 15: Voting Link


In parallel, there’s an introduction of the Arizona Local News Foundation. This foundation aspires to bridge communities with enhanced local news, aiming to guarantee every Arizona community’s access to local news.

An unprecedented launch event for the Arizona Media Association and Arizona Local News Foundation is set for Friday, Jan. 26. More information will be available soon, but it promises to be a landmark celebration of Arizona’s local media.

The Arizona Media Association’s support team comprises:

For queries, Chris Kline remains available for assistance. For more about the association, foundation, and member directory, visit:

With a fusion of current and incoming resources, the Arizona Media Association aims to offer unprecedented partnership opportunities in the coming year, promising a brighter future for local media in Arizona. Arizona Media Association Emerges from Broadcaster & Newspaper Union

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