Arizona border burns as a hotspot for new illegal immigrants

It’s not just Haitians, and Texas isn’t the only place where borders look out of control.

About 3,400 migrants (mostly Brazilians, Venezuelans, and Cubans) were killed in a border guard detention center in Yuma, Arizona over the weekend, according to sheriffs.

The video shows them coming in a long stream, walking around the edge of the border wall and crouching. Most of them think they will be caught and released. And many of them turn out to be right.

“It’s getting worse all the time,” said Sheriff Yuma County. Leon Wilmot.. “I’ve never seen anything worse than this, as border guards have to do so much and address the issues that the administration is currently working on to prevent law enforcement.”

Agents shifted to a duty of care and pulled them off the line. he Said he “Everyone else is busy processing”, so you can drive 20 miles across the border and see only a handful of agents.

It keeps the border open not only to other migrants who may want to go unnoticed, but also to explosive doses of drugs like fentanyl, Sheriff said.

he On Wednesday, the 1st of last week, Yuma’s border guard said it had arrested a thousand people. The current normal day is 600-700. At the end of a year ago Playing cards According to the sheriff, it was 25-35 days a day at that time.

Yuma is about 1000 miles west of Del Rio, Texas, and an unprecedented immigration camp appeared at the US Bank of Rio Grande earlier this month. Thousands of Haitians were waiting for the chance to break through the border, build a foothold in American soil, move freely across rivers, and be captured and released inside the country.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas declared victory in the situation in Del Rio this weekend after the camp finally emptied immigrants. But he admitted that about 13,000 of the more than 15,000 people in the camp at peak times were released in hopes of appearing on the final immigration court dates.

Yuma is different from Texas.

The 3,400 immigrants are under the control of the Border Guard, who said they processed them and handed them over to the US Immigration and Customs Department. The ICE then decides who to release.

Of these 3,400, about 2,000 are single adults. If they come from the traditional sending countries of Mexico or the Northern Triangle of Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador), they can be expelled soon.

But they are coming from afar, and the Biden administration has cooperated with Mexico. Playing cards The team decided to get them back.

Sheriff Wilmot He said he had about 930 from Brazil, 819 from Venezuela, 430 from Cubans, 400 from Haiti, 270 from Colombians, and the rest from different countries.

CBP said it can handle what it sees.

“Responding to changing immigration patterns is nothing new to CBP and the Border Guard, and the Yumasector continues to redirect personnel in response to changing traffic patterns,” officials told The Washington Times.

The CBP said it had new tent facilities to handle more capacity and claimed to expel those that could be exiled under a pandemic border policy.

Sheriff Wilmot But they said they were few.

he Of the 110,000 crossers captured in the Yuma sector this year, only about 10,000 were banished, he said.

In 2020, Yuma saw only about 8,000 concerns in total. It has been the hardest hit of the nine border guard sectors along the US-Mexico border.

Mallorcus told Congress last week that authorities believed they were around the corner of the surge, and that in September numbers fell from unprecedented levels in July and August.

“We are clearly aware that we have plans to work on migration at the southern border. It’s happening. It’s taking time and results are starting to come out,” he said.

Sheriff Wilmot Said he There was little evidence of Mr. Mallorcus’ efforts.

“What makes the sheriffs worse is that the administration doesn’t have a plan. They said they have it, but they aren’t willing to share it. And if they have That didn’t work, if at all, “he said.

The fiscal year ends on Thursday, and 2021 flirts with records of most border guard arrests set in the 1980s. If September is as bad as July or August, it will set a record, but if Mallorcus is right, the year will be shy.

There are some signs that the pressure is decreasing. The number of unaccompanied young migrants, often a leading indicator of the overall flow, has dropped significantly, going from a catastrophic level to simply a nuisance.

Still, experts say that 2021 is already qualitatively the worst on record, given how many of the people who crossed were captured and released into the country, and the surprising number that went beyond traditional sending countries. Say it’s a year.

In August, the latest full month, nearly 60,000 (more than 30%) of migrants attacked by border guard agents along the Mexican border came from outside the traditional sending country. December, last month Playing cards At that time, the number was less than 8,000, about 10% of the total.

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Arizona border burns as a hotspot for new illegal immigrants

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