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Apple workers in Oklahoma vote for union to win second labor victory

workers of apple store in oklahoma city It voted to join the union, becoming the second unionized Apple store in the United States in a few months, according to the Federal Labor Commission.

Friday’s vote marked another victory for the labor movement, which has been gaining momentum since the pandemic.

56 employees in a store located in Oklahoma Citi’s Penn Square Mall voted for the Communications Workers of America representative while 32 votes voted against, according to a preliminary tally from the National Labor Relations Board. The approximate number of voters was his 95, the commission said.

The Labor Relations Commission said Friday it will take five working days for both parties to challenge the election. If no objection is filed, the results will be recognized and the employer must enter into negotiations in good faith with the union.

The union victory follows a vote in June to unionize an Apple store in Towson, Maryland. Led by the International Association of Space Workers.

In a statement emailed to The Associated Press on Saturday, Apple said:

Apple also cites “strong compensation and exceptional benefits,” citing a 45% increase in U.S. initiation rates since 2018 and significant improvements to other benefits, including new education and family assistance programs. pointed out.

Communications Workers of America was not immediately reachable for comment.

Workers’ dissatisfaction has fueled the labor movement at several major US companies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, sparking tensions over sick leave policies, schedules and other issues.

Amazon workers at a Staten Island warehouse voted in favor of unionizing in April, but similar efforts at other warehouses have so far been unsuccessful. New York, which is expected to start on Wednesday and continue until Monday. Well over 200 Starbucks stores in the US voted to unionize in the past year, according to the NLRB. Apple workers in Oklahoma vote for union to win second labor victory

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