Apple significantly reduces App Store fees for small developers

Apple Inc. halves the fees charged to small developers who sell software through the App Store. This is a partial concession in the fight against critics about how it works in the digital ecosystem.

Starting next year, iPhone makers said Wednesday that they would collect 15% of App Store sales instead of 30% from companies that generate less than $ 1 million in revenue through software platforms, including in-app purchases. Excluding commission payments, for developers with App Store sales of over $ 1 million, the price remains at 30%. In short, this reduction doesn’t affect loud Apple opponents such as video game company Epic Games Inc.

Apple’s 30% take is at the heart of this year’s complaints from other tech companies and some users about how to manage the vast digital world of people using iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. It has become. Critics accuse Apple’s share of being too large, being unfairly collected by various companies, forcing customers to submit bills, and leading to workarounds for some developers to avoid charges. ..

The company in Cupertino, Calif., Says that the price will help fund a system that allows users to securely download third-party software to more than 1.5 billion devices worldwide. Last year, according to Apple, the App Store ecosystem promoted $ 518 billion in global commerce, more than 85% of which went to third parties. Apple charges Alphabet Inc. It matches the fee charged by rival app stores operated by Google and others.

Apple said low rates affect the “majority” of app developers who use the App Store, but didn’t specify a number or percentage. According to Apple, 85% of apps in the App Store don’t charge users, so developers don’t pay a fee. All developers will be charged a fee ranging from $ 99 to $ 299 to participate in the developer program.

Apple significantly reduces App Store fees for small developers

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