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Apple Card Savings account now available at 4.15%.Not yet available in Canada

Starting today, Apple Card users can choose to earn more Daily Cash rewards in their Goldman Sachs savings account. This provides his APY with a high yield of 4.15% (more than 10 times the national average).

With no fees, minimum deposit or minimum balance requirements, users can easily set up and manage their savings accounts directly from their Apple Card in Wallet.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet at Apple, said: “Our goal is to build tools that help our users live healthier financial lives.By incorporating Savings into Apple Card in Wallet, you can directly and seamlessly use, transfer and save Daily Cash. You can do it all from one place.”

Once a savings account is set up, all future daily cash earned by the user will be automatically credited to the account. Daily Cash destinations can also be changed at any time and there is no limit to the amount a Daily Cash user can earn. To build on their savings, users can deposit additional funds into their savings account through a linked bank account or from their Apple Cash balance.

Users can also access the wallet’s easy-to-use savings dashboard. Here you can conveniently track your account balance and interest over time. Users can also withdraw funds from their Savings dashboard at any time by transferring money to a linked bank account or Apple Cash card without fees.

Goldman Sachs’ new savings account builds on the financial health benefits Apple Card already offers, with no fees.Five Get cash daily on every purchase and give users all the tools to encourage them to earn less interest on their Apple Card, while giving them the privacy and security they expect from Apple. Apple Card Savings account now available at 4.15%.Not yet available in Canada

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