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Appeals Court Orders New Column in New York, Potential Boon for Democrats

The Intermediate State Court of Appeals Thursday ordered Congress to draw new boundaries. new yorkjudgments that may bring benefits Democratic Party In the battle for control of the US House of Representatives in 2024.

The State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division overturned the lower court’s ruling and directed the state zoning board to begin work toward a new proposed legislative boundary. Democrats support a lawsuit seeking to abolish New York’s 2022 border. Republican Party Overturned four seats in parliament.

The ruling was welcomed by Democrats, who are seeking to regain the House majority they lost in last year’s election. Republicans immediately pledged to appeal the politically charged case to the New York Supreme Court.

“To the Court of Appeals,” former Republican Rep. John Faso said in a statement. “Democrats want to manipulate congressional district lines to their advantage. We also have highly competitive congressional districts.”

The appeals court’s ruling is good news for Democrats across the country as they try to regain the House majority they lost last year.

The lawsuit is filed on behalf of 10 New York voters who are asking the state’s independent zoning board to submit new legislative boundary proposals in 2024. The commission’s first line of demarcation was rejected, and a lawsuit resulted in the court drawing the 2022 line. appointed expert.

In the lawsuit, attorneys representing Republicans argued that the mid-2010 zoning changes were inappropriate and that the 2022 boundaries should be maintained.

However, Justice Elizabeth Garry said in the majority opinion that the commission “under the New York State Constitution is arguable to submit a second set of maps if the first set is rejected.” I have an obligation to do so,” he said.

“New Yorkers deserve the fair line and fair process they voted for. Today’s decision is a big step in the right direction,” said Aria Branch, an attorney who represented those who filed the lawsuit. rice field.

The appeals court ordered the commission to “commence its duties immediately.”

“We look forward to getting back to work,” said Karen Bratt, Democratic co-executive director of the committee. “And we look forward to working with the Republican side.”

The independent zoning commission, made up of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans, was unable to reach agreement on a set of maps for 2022. parliament I stepped in and made my own map.

The maps would have given Democrats the overwhelming majority of registered voters in 22 of the state’s 26 congressional districts, raising allegations of gerrymandering by Republicans.

After a court challenge, the New York Supreme Court ruled that Congress did not have the authority to redraw the boundaries. The Court of Appeals delegated the power to map new constituencies to experts, who created more competitive congressional districts.

Republicans were able to win seats in New York under these maps, including those held by Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who led the House Democratic campaign branch. rice field.

In April, Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James jointly filed a friend court brief supporting the current legal action.

With an appeal to the Court of Appeals promised, New York law school professor Jeffrey Weiss said it was better for the High Court to affirm the lower court’s ruling than to explain why it should be overturned. He pointed out that it is generally easy.

“There are no guarantees, but the odds of Democrats succeeding are much higher,” Weiss said. Appeals Court Orders New Column in New York, Potential Boon for Democrats

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