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Russia, Ukraine, war, Russian deaths — Nearly 50,000 Russian soldiers died in war. Ukraineaccording to a new statistical analysis. Moscow Russia seeks to hide the human suffering from its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, censors local media, and cracks down on activists documenting the expansion of Russian cemeteries. Now, two independent Russian media outlets, Mediazona and Medusa, have teamed up with German data scientists to use Russian government data to uncover one of Moscow’s top-secret secrets. By Erica Kinnetz. Sent: 840 words and photos. During the Russo-Ukraine War — Russia reportedly intercepted a missile over annexed Crimea, suspending traffic on a key bridge.

NATO Defense Spending — NATO leaders will pledge new defense spending as aid to Ukraine strains the military budget. Only 11 countries will meet NATO’s current spending target of 2% of gross domestic product this year.But the President of the United States Joe Biden And his counterpart will achieve 2%, the minimum that the state should do. By Lorne Cook. Sent: 780 characters and photos. ABOUT NATO-SUMMIT-GLANCE — Ukraine is at the top of the NATO summit agenda, along with defense programs, Swedish member states and Belarusian concerns.

Biden-UK — President Joe Biden’s European itinerary is dominated by the ongoing war in Ukraine and his continued efforts to rally the United Nations to counter Russian aggression against its neighbors. But let’s start with tea.The first destination of the US president’s trip to the three countries is UKThere he will meet with the King for the first time since Charles III was crowned in May. By Seungmin Kim, Jill Lawless, and Chris Megerian. Sent: 820 characters and photos.

Floods in the Northeastern United States — Heavy rains in New York’s Hudson Valley caused extreme flooding, killing at least one person, flooding roads and forcing road closures, while much of the rest of the northeastern United States , began to prepare for the heavy rains that could fall. As the storm moved east, the National Weather Service extended a flash flood warning, with forecasters saying up to five inches of rain could fall in some areas. By Bobby Kyna Calvin and Harry Golden. Sent: 580 characters and photos.

Transgender Care Families — Families across the United States are scrambling to navigate new laws that bar transgender children and teens from receiving gender-affirming care. With at least 20 states moving to ban or limit such care for minors, some children feel they’re getting the message that they can’t just be themselves. For more than a decade, such treatments have been available to children and teens across the United States and endorsed by major medical associations. Advocates and families affected by recent legislation say such care is essential for transgender children. By Early Rogers and Michael Goldberg. Sent: 1,750 words, photos and videos. A 1,090-word abridged version is available. This is Tuesday’s spotlight.

Election 2024-Super Tuesday — With the Republican presidential primary heating up this summer, most White House candidates are spending time at events in Iowa and New Hampshire, where the nomination process begins early next year. Not Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump. By Sarah Burnett. Sent: 1,180 words and pictures.


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Lost Native American Cemetery — The remains of dozens of children who died at a Native American boarding school have gone missing for decades, and archaeologists were part of a cemetery a century ago Excavations have begun in the fields of central Nebraska to unravel its mysteries. large campus. The Genova Indian Technical School was part of a national system of more than 400 Native American boarding schools that sought to integrate Indigenous peoples into white culture by separating children from their families and their traditions. By Scott McFetridge and Charlie Neighborgal. Sent: 610 words and pictures.


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Energy Drink Investigation — The FDA is being asked to investigate Logan Paul’s energy drink, which contains six cans of Coke’s worth of caffeine. Sent: 340 words, photos, videos and audio.

Las Vegas Police Officer – Casino Robbery — A Las Vegas police officer is on trial for over $165,000 stolen in three casino robberies. Sent: 630 words and photos.

Filmbox Office — ‘Insidious 5’ defeats ‘Indiana Jones’ before ‘Mission: Impossible’ releases. Sent: 870 words, pictures and sounds.

Mass Wedding – Lincoln Center — New York’s Lincoln Center is used to hosting big events, but Saturday’s mass wedding was anything but ordinary. Sent: 710 words and pictures.




Congressional Elections — Congress will consider strengthening voting and electoral laws. It’s an effort that reflects the great divide between Democrats and Republicans in defending the foundations of American democracy. By Stephen Grove and Christina A. Cassidy. Sent: 1,180 words and pictures.




Philadelphia-July 3-Shooter — Philadelphia authorities investigating the Fourth of July holiday shooting that killed five people are now reporting that the shooter died almost two days before the shooting. announced that he had killed one of the Sent: 260 words and pictures.

Scooter shooting in New York City — A Brooklyn man accused of murdering an 86-year-old man and injuring three other men in a series of shootings while riding a scooter in New York City murdered and attempted murder Police said he had been charged with Sent: 330 characters, photos.




UN-Syria-Cross-Border Aid — Delivering humanitarian aid to rebel-held northwestern Syria from neighboring Turkey will almost certainly get the go-ahead from the UN Security Council to continue, but the big problem is How long will it last? Sent: 550 characters, photos.

SOUTH KOREA-NATO-YON — South Korea’s president says it’s time to demonstrate strong international resolve to deter North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, and how to deal with North Korea’s growing arms stockpile said it plans to consult with the leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Sent: 1,010 words and pictures.

Argentina-Vatican-Bishop — Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, who was chosen by Pope Francis to be the Vatican’s secretary-general, who guarantees the orthodoxy of his doctrines, has announced the 2019 case of a priest accused of sexually abusing a minor. Acknowledging that there was an error in processing. Sent: 530 words and photos.

Southeast Asia — When Southeast Asia’s top diplomats meet for talks in Indonesia, concerns about Myanmar’s long-running civil war, disputed South China Sea tensions and the region’s military buildup are expected to dominate the agenda. Sent: 950 characters and photos.

China – Extreme weather — Rescue teams missing in landslides caused by heavy rains as most Chinese employers are ordered to limit outdoor work due to extreme heat, as China suffers from heat, floods and drought We were looking for seven people. Sent: 350 words and pictures.

JapaN-Heavy Rain — Torrential rains hit southwestern Japan, causing floods and landslides, leaving two dead and at least six missing. Sent: 290 words and photos.

El Salvador’s re-election — President Naïve Bucre officially seeks re-election next year with his New Thought Party, despite opposition from legal experts and opposition forces who say Salvador’s constitution prohibits him from running for office. was nominated to Sent: 390 words.

Chinese school stabbing — A knife-wielding man killed six and wounded another at a kindergarten in southeastern China, police and media said. Sent: 160 words.




FINANCIAL MARKET — Asian stocks got off to a weak start to the week with mixed trading after China reported a fall in wholesale prices in June amid signs of an economic slowdown. By business writer Elaine Curtainbach. Sent: 630 words, pictures and sounds.




WWCUP-Morocco-Arab World — Morocco’s women’s national team made its debut at the FIFA Women’s World Cup this month, becoming the first from the Arab world, where many are keen on the men’s game. By Mariam Pham. Sent: 1,840 words and pictures. A 1,200-word abridged version is also available.

Women’s U.S. Open — Alysen Kopus takes to the biggest, most beautiful stage in women’s golf and looks like she’s strolling the beach. By golf writer Doug Ferguson. Sent: 1,050 words and pictures.


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