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WINTER WEATHER — New York officials say state and military police have been dispatched to prevent people from driving in snowy Buffalo. County Commissioner Mark Polonkers said on Tuesday that police were stationed at Buffalo entrances and major intersections to prohibit driving.By Carolyn Thompson and Jennifer Peltz. SENT: 565 words, pictures. developing.

WINTER WEATHER TRAVEL — The U.S. Department of Transportation says it will investigate flight cancellations by Southwest Airlines, which left travelers stranded at airports across the country in a severe winter storm that killed dozens of people. By David Koenig. Sent: 590 words, pictures. developing. With CANCELED-FLIGHTS-ADVICE (sent).

Governor of Michigan kidnapping Plot — Co-leader of Michigan governor kidnapping plot. Gretchen Whitmer Sentenced to 16 years in prison. Adam Fox’s prison sentence is the longest of any convicted in the scheme to date, but it is significantly shorter than the life sentence prosecutors were seeking. By Joey Cappelletti and Corey Williams. SENT: 990 words, pictures.

MEXICO-FEMICIDE — For decades, officials have identified Mexico’s high rates of femicide and violence against women in general as major problems. Hmm. More than 1,000 confirmed murders of women in Mexico last year. This is her second in Latin America after Brazil. On average, 10 women or girls are killed in Mexico every day. Most of the time it gets little attention. By Fabiola Sanchez and Fernanda Pesche. SENT: 2,200 words, photos and videos. A 1,050-word abridged version is also available.

Virus Outbreak – China — Foreign businesses welcome China’s decision to end quarantines for international travelers in a key step to revive sluggish business activity. Japan Announced restrictions on visitors from the country as infections surge. The ruling Communist Party’s sudden decision to lift some of the world’s toughest antivirus restrictions is about to reverse the recession. By Joe Macdonald. Sent: 840 words, pictures.

YE-RISE OF WOMEN’S SPORTS — The popularity of women’s sports as a whole has grown steadily over the past few years, and 2022 saw a pivotal move. Several sports and leagues saw increases in viewership and ratings, sponsorship deals and primetime coverage. Her WNBA regular season in the past was the most watched season since 2006. The league signed her to ESPN/ABC, and in 2021, the company paid her $27 million to the WNBA. SENT: 845 words, pictures.




FTX-BANKMAN FRIED — A Manhattan federal judge known for his quick decisions and no-nonsense demeanor has been appointed to preside over Sam Bankman-Fried’s cryptocurrency lawsuit. Sent: 735 words.

Mega Millions – Jackpot — Someone could win over $500 million in Tuesday’s Mega Millions lottery, but that jackpot doesn’t even rank in the top 10 because prizes have grown in recent years. : 345 words, pictures.

LUFTHANSA-FLIGHT-LAPTOP FIRE — Lufthansa says a flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany, landed unscheduled at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after a passenger’s laptop caught fire. Sent: 115 words.

Plane Crash – Kayak Rescue – Maryland Police say rescuers used a kayak to reach the pilot of a small plane that hit an icy creek and began to sink. Sent: 250 words.


the end of the year


YE-TOP PHOTOS — Taken together, they can convey the feeling that the world is cramping — 150 AP images for the entire year 2022. more than ever. Sent: 530 words, 153 photos.

Y-POP CULTURE MOMENTS — Taylor Swift has arrived. Elon Musk has been in, out, and probably out again. Tom Cruise is back. BTS stepped aside, as did Serena Williams and Tom Brady. But slap? Slaps were everywhere: the moment Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars, audiences around the world said, “Wait, did that just happen?” Pop Culture Moment, but there was a lot more. Submitted: 1,500 words, photos.

YE-DEATHS — Last goodbye: remembering the influential people who died in 2022. Submitted: 7,500 words, pictures.

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Biden’s ambitions — when he ran for the White House Joe Biden He told voters that his presidency would be a bridge to the next generation. His first two years at the job revealed it to be a much more ambitious venture. As he nears the halfway point of his first term, Biden points to achievements that define the legacy of climate change, domestic manufacturing, and the evolution of the pandemic. SENT: 1,290 words, pictures.

Election-2022-Pennsylvania Results — Pennsylvania’s top election officials have fully proven the results of the November ballot after petitions for a recount slowed the process in some counties. Sent: 200 words.


Whole country


Abortion – Religious Freedom — Critics of religious freedom laws sometimes argue that the laws discriminate against LGBTQ people and are only used to protect conservative Christian worldviews. It often happens. But after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned her Roe v. Wade decision in June, abortion-rights religious groups are using these laws to protect access to abortions and to protect faith. advocating. SENT: 1,125 words, pictures.

Dakota Ride — Members of the Dakota Tribe complete a 330-mile ride on horseback each year to honor their ancestors who were killed in 1862. Monday morning. Send: 245 words, pictures.




BRAZIL – Bolsonaro – Post-President – Jair Bolsonaro has said he will leave the Brazilian presidency only when he dies, is imprisoned or is ready for a second term. A loss to Luis Inacio Lula da Silva on the 30th forced the self-proclaimed standard-bearer of the Brazilian conservative movement into two months of relative silence. Sent: 830 words, pictures.

RUSSIA-UKRAINE-WAR — Russia’s foreign minister on Tuesday issued renewed warnings that Ukraine must demilitarize, threatening further military action and fueling a war between Kyiv and the West that began with the invasion of Moscow. erroneously accused. Sent: 855 words, pictures.

Congo – Deterioration – Crisis in the East — Accounts unforgettable. Kidnapping, torture, rape. A number of civilians, including women and children, have been killed by the rebels’ M23s in eastern Congo, according to a UN report by a panel of experts. It says that M23 rebels forced children into soldiers. The 21-page report, based on interviews with more than 230 sources and visits to the Rutulu region in Congo’s North Kivu province where M23 occupied territory, is set to be released this week and was seen by The Associated Press. By Sam Mednick. Sent: 785 words, pictures.

SOUTH KOREA – Tensions – South Korea’s president on Tuesday called for stronger air defenses and high-tech stealth drones, and the military apologized for failing to shoot down a North Korean drone that crossed the border for the first time in five years. Send: 800 words, photos.

Afghanistan – Women — The United Nations human rights chief has condemned increasing restrictions on women’s rights in Afghanistan and called on the country’s Taliban rulers to immediately lift the restrictions. He pointed out on Tuesday the “horrible consequences” of the decision to ban women from working in non-governmental organizations. Sent: 320 words, pictures.

Israel-Politics — Medical workers at Israel’s largest medical center and hospitals across the country have spoken out against statements by Benjamin Netanyahu supporters calling for laws allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people in hospitals and businesses . Sent: 560 words, pictures.

VIRUS OUTBREAK-JAPAN-CHINA — Japan requires COVID-19 testing for all visitors from Japan. China As a temporary emergency measure against surging infections after Beijing nearly abandoned its “zero COVID” policy. SENT: 485 words, pictures.

KOSOVO-SERBIA — Serbs have defied international calls to build more road blocks in northern Kosovo and remove previously placed ones. Tuesday’s move comes a day after Serbia brought its troops near its border to a high level of combat readiness. Sent: 615 words, photos.




MED-BIOENGINEERED-ORGANS — Scientists are transforming pig livers to look and function like human ones as part of a quest to alleviate the nation’s organ shortage. The first researchers lysed the pig cells that make up the organ and floated ghostly translucent scaffolds in large jars. SENT: 1,050 words, photo.


economy and business


State Budgets — States across the United States built large budget surpluses as inflation helped boost revenues from income and sales taxes. Now, the Federal Reserve’s anti-inflation measures are further increasing state revenues. SENT: 1,210 words, pictures.

FINANCIAL MARKET — Stocks fell mostly on Tuesday after the holiday weekend, dragged by bad weather-hit airline stocks. Investors were positive on the market earlier in the day after China lifted some of its COVID-19 restrictions. SENT: 420 words, pictures.




GLF—On the Fringe Tour Tales—The annual “Tales from the Tour” presents stories from Steve Stricker to Tom Kim and the first names of players born during the rise of Tiger Woods in Japan. It features what looks like a trend for on the world stage. Golf writer Doug Ferguson. SENT: 1,130 words, pictures.

FBN-EAGLES-DAVIS — Jordan Davis was a huge difference in the middle of the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line for the first two months of the season. ankle injury. Professional football writer Rob Murdy. From now on: By 4pm ET he will have 500 words.




TV-JOSÉ-ANDRÉS AND FAMILY IN SPAIN — The new TV series José Andrés and Family in Spain follows groundbreaking chef and humanitarian José Andrés on a food tour of his hometown. increase. He travels with his three daughters, Carlota, Inez and Lucia Andrés, who grew up in America. Sent: 840 words, pictures.


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