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AOC buddies take shots to her Met Gala cameo “f — ingcorny” critics

Gabriel Ocasio-Cortez came out on social media swinging to her sister’s own base by calling her on her flashy and red carpet. Appeared in Met Gala — Reject them Instagram posts as “f—ing cornery”.“”

Gabriel’s sister, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a left-handed fire brand in New York Most talked about arrival At the gala on Monday, I posed for a photo in a white Brother Verries gown and scribbled the word “Tax The Rich” in red on my back.

Brother Gabriel joked on Tuesday that AOC’s dress was “why my phone is in airplane mode” before embarking on justification for his socialist presence at an elite event. rice field.

“She didn’t mean to rub her elbows, that’s why all the other politicians go,” he began. “She wore a statement dress about the ultra-rich people not paying a fair distribution in front of their faces. She tried to wear the same dress outside McDonald’s to seek the same response. Do you want to do it? I’m really curious. “

On the next slide, Gabriel Ocasio Cortez wrote: As if she paid for it herself or with public funds.Meanwhile, y’all is the same heaux [a vulgarism that pluralizes the term “hoes”] “Republicans always stick together, we need to copy that energy,” he shouts.

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was controversial at this year’s Met Gala by wearing a white Brother Verries gown with the words “Tax The Rich” on her back.
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“You’re sick,” he added, before continuing the message on the next slide.

“Half of you don’t know who your legislators are or what they’re doing in their time, but everyone loves to talk about people who take a walk,” Gabriel said. Is writing. “OK.”

In yet another slide, Gabriel Ocasio Cortez wrote:

Brothers of Gabriel Ocasio Cortez, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Gabriel Ocasio-Cortez claims that half of AOC critics “do not know who your legislators are.”

He concludes his rant with the following message: good day. “

AOC Tweet on Tuesday She was invited to the event. There, individual tickets cost $ 35,000, tables start at $ 200,000, and she was found for that. Some expensive glitter..

“”[B]Elected New York officials are regularly invited to attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art for our responsibility to oversee and support the city’s cultural institutions for the citizens, before the dislikes make a fuss. I will do it, “writes the second legislator.

Attendance at Ocasio Cortez’s Gala and her famous socialist view, Brought her criticism and hypocrisy claims From both sides of the political passage.

In addition to the ridicule of conservative voices, Black Alliance activist Andrey Domis for Peace tweeted:[p]Oris was wrinkling people’s heads outside while you and your friends were biting a watermelon tart with smoked yuzu soybeans on a paniply cracker. Black Lives Matter Protest It happened outside the entrance to the gala.

AOC buddies take shots to her Met Gala cameo “f — ingcorny” critics

Source link AOC buddies take shots to her Met Gala cameo “f — ingcorny” critics

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