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AOC accuses Kyle Rittenhaus’ release of “law and disorder”

New York lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio Cortez called her “double standard” in the criminal justice system after Kenosha murderer Kyle Rittenhaus was accused of being released from a $ 2 million prison. Blame.

The 17-year-old release on Friday caused social media anger from some Democrats who claimed it was an example of racial privilege within the system.

“Does anyone believe that if he is Muslim and does the same in different contexts, the Rittenhouse will be released?” Ocasio Cortez I heard on Twitter..

“What this looks like to those who say’institutional racism doesn’t exist’: the protection of white supremacists deeply burned into our cancer system,” she continued, “law and disorder. Was added.

Leftists also used Rittenhouse’s release to blow up those who opposed bail reform, complaining that “violent people would be taken out of prison to roam freely.”

They “rarely admit that it’s actually the current system we have today because of privileges,” AOC tweeted.

Rittenhaus’s bond charged with murder in a shooting on August 25 during a Black Lives Matter protest in Wisconsin helps actors Ricky Schroeder and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindel. It was borrowed and pulled up.

When police said he had killed protesters Anthony Hoover (26) and Joseph Rosenbaum (36) and injured a third man, the teenager said he was acting in self-defense. Insist.

Newly elected Missouri parliamentarians Kori Bush and Black Lives Matter activists also argued that the release of Rittenhouse was an example of a flawed criminal justice system.

“80% of Texas County prison inmates who died in COVID-19 were detained before the trial and were not convicted of the crime. If Kyle Rittenhaus could be released, before the trial. Is Detention Really a Public Security Issue? ” She wrote on twitter..

“We need to molt to save lives,” Bush added.

AOC accuses Kyle Rittenhaus’ release of “law and disorder”

Source link AOC accuses Kyle Rittenhaus’ release of “law and disorder”

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