“Anonymous” Trump critic Miles Taylor identified as witness in Flynn investigation

Former Homeland Security official Miles Taylor, who wrote the editorial resistance to President Trump, appears to have been an important witness to the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn, two Republican Senators said Monday. ..

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin quoted a newly declassified May 2017 Justice Department document summarizing the FBI’s efforts in the Russian conspiracy investigation.

The 11-page, heavily edited document nominates Taylor as a witness to Flynn’s investigation, but his interest in him and his relationship with Flynn, who temporarily served as President Trump’s national security adviser. Is not explained.

Former FBI Director James Comey wrote the document as a briefing note detailing Flynn’s investigation. Flynn has twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contact with Russia’s ambassador to the United States. He later withdrew his guilty plea and professed his innocence.

“It is based on an interview with Miles Taylor and an open source report, and considers an interview with former CIA Director James Woolsey,” the document said.

The document also shows that Flynn’s lobbying organization, Flynn Intel Group, met Taylor twice in October 2016, but provided little information about the meeting.

“Miles Taylor witness interviews mentioned in the FARA document showed that the Flynn Intel Group was involved in a briefing to the current Vice President of National Security Adviser related to Turkey in late 2016. “The document states.

Mr. Grasley, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and Mr Johnson, chair of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, said the Justice Department needs to explain Taylor’s possible role in the Flynn investigation.

They asked Attorney General William P. Barr to give a briefing and further declassified the editorial part of the document. Senator is also seeking all records related to Taylor’s interview.

“This heavily edited document suggests that the FBI spoke directly to Taylor and also provides additional information related to the crossfire hurricane,” they wrote in a letter to Mr. Barr. ..

Taylor, now a paid CNN contributor, admitted last month that he was a dissatisfied staff member who wrote in a September 2018 editorial in the New York Times assassinating Mr. Trump. He followed up the editorial in the anonymous book “Warning” in June 2019.

The Trump administration has dismissed Mr Taylor as a “low-level” aide and a “liar and coward.”

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“Anonymous” Trump critic Miles Taylor identified as witness in Flynn investigation

Source link “Anonymous” Trump critic Miles Taylor identified as witness in Flynn investigation

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