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Andrew Cuomo compares Buffalo shootings to Lynch

Shameful former government.Andrew Cuomo told the congregation on Sunday that he Racist mass shootings And I compared it with “Lynch”. He insisted on strengthening federal gun control laws in public for the first time in two months.

In an 11-minute speech at the Trubetter Baptist Church in Buffalo, a scandal-injured former CEO compared the slaughter with the extrajudicial killings of Kuru Kuru Kusklan.

“I was fed up with what happened here in Buffalo,” he said less than two miles from the supermarket. Proclaiming a white supremacist teenager Peyton Gendron Allegedly Killed 10 people And injured the other three.

“It was very shocking and very sad, I hated what happened here in Buffalo,” he added. “We would like to express our condolences to the families of the deceased and injured. We would like to express our condolences to all the black families in Buffalo as all the black families were attacked and all the black families were killed.”

Gendron — Posted 18 years old White supremacist manifesto Online — shot 11 blacks after firing at Tops Friendly Markets last week Reconnaissance at a grocery store Keep before his racially motivated rampage.

Cuomo’s Sunday morning said the shootings allegedly committed by him were reminiscent of the “old days.”

“People are dead only by the color of their skin,” he said. “This kind of activity was a mess of America’s past, and I wanted to believe that there was no place now, so it couldn’t be any more ugly. But this race-based mass shooting goes back in time. ..

Andrew Cuomo gave an 11-minute speech at the Trubetter Baptist Church in Buffalo. It was released for the first time in two months.

“It’s like Lynch,” continued Cuomo. “Instead of ropes, they use assault rifles.”

“A few years ago, they were hiding under a white hood. Today, they are hiding in the anonymity of the Internet.”

According to the former governor, the May 14 massacre shows that there are “spreading” and “cancer” throughout the country.

“We have to stop the spread of this cancer, and we can,” he said.

Cuomo’s Sunday morning speech was his third public occasion. Resigned in August 2021 under Impeachment threat middle Some proven sexual harassment allegations And other scandals.

64-year-old Democrat Appeared March For the first time since resigning at the Brooklyn Church He moans about the political situation where “cultural cancellation” has gone too far and what the “political shark” seems to have driven him out of the office.he Second appearance In less than two weeks, in Bronx, he showed that he was ready to accept a political return, declared “I’m not going anywhere” and “accepted all options.”

Andrew Cuomo.
“We need federal action, ban these assault weapons and ban them now,” Andrew Cuomo demanded.

However, Cuomo provided a pair of speeches and released several. Campaign-style TV advertisinghe Choosing not to run for Democratic Governor primary Against Governor Kathy Hochul.. If you want to run for independent in the November general election, you will need to collect and submit the required petition signatures by May 31st.

Cuomo lamented the “toxic” nature of modern politics on Sunday and called for stricter national gun control while promoting it, so he didn’t say anything about whether he would launch a potential comeback. State-level gun control efforts he enacted during his tenure..

“First, we need to do something about these ferocious offensive weapons. Rifles aren’t designed for any purpose other than killing as many humans as possible as soon as possible,” he said.

“There is no more excuse from our elected officials. I know it’s difficult to ban offensive weapons. We did it in New York. We passed the law. Domestic. The strictest gun safety law in the world, “he added. “We’ve done that, and now it’s time for the federal government to do it. State law alone isn’t enough.”

“We need federal action. Ban these assault weapons and ban them now.”

Cuomo hopes that last weekend’s racist massacre “promotes a moment of change, and that the tops slaughter is not only another slaughter on the list, but also the last slaughter on the list. “. [so] That our brothers and sisters did not die in vain. “

Also on Sunday, Kuomo, in line with racist militants, accused unknown political leaders of “fueling the flames of hatred,” like Alabama’s separatist Bruconner.

“They are deliberately instigating hatred groups, saying that blacks, Latinos and immigrants are here to replace whites,” he confirms the twisted belief of the shooter. “Replacement theory” was mentioned and said. “And the elected officials who support these groups are second to none today.”

Andrew Cuomo compares Buffalo shootings to Lynch

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