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And Just Like That is an insult to Sex and the City – it got lost

It’s no secret that streaming has changed the entire television landscape.

In recent years, both the UK and the US have seen reboots of all kinds of nostalgic and iconic shows. Waterloo Road, gossip girl, Saved by: and Full house.


And Just Like That Is Ruining Sex And The City’s LegacyCredit: Getty
The show is boring, preachy and completely lost


The show is boring, preachy and completely lostCredit: Splash

Some of the reboots were great, but others were, frankly, unwatchable.

Times may have changed and attitudes may have changed, but the latest fan-favorite show to fall victim to the virtue signals of TV station magnates is sex and the city.

It may not have been intended to be groundbreaking in the ’90s, but there’s no denying that this comedy series was absolutely groundbreaking in its approach to women’s sexual issues.

Characters of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall), each loved for its distinct qualities, and the show quickly gained a cult following.

Sex and the City legend Samantha Jones finally returns to 'And Just Like That'
Kim Cattrall to return for Season 2 of 'Sex and the City' spin-off

Viewers loved the show’s unflinching pursuit of the characters’ single lives in New York City. It was clever, funny, and often very raw.

we loved to see Samantha Jones She said she was “trisexual” because she playfully declared that she would “try anything”. Miranda Hobbes I got a date by pretending to be an airline stewardess Charlotte Yorkfirst wedding.

In that regard, we loved watching the Housewives of Park Avenue struggle against their traditional for carrie bradshaw – While writing (and narrating) a sex column for a newspaper, she’s messy, destroying unhappy homes, dating bisexual men, and struggling to understand the concept of building healthy relationships. was doing.

what we have now and just like that It is nothing but an abomination.

Sex talk in a cafe has been replaced by Miranda barely knowing what to say for fear of being offended.

Funny moments are replaced with lessons about progressive issues, as if the writers have taken it upon themselves to educate an unsuspecting audience.

In fact, even just watching the first series, Miranda, who had been confident until then, was portrayed as unsure of what to say for fear of being seen as a “white man’s savior.”

We saw Charlotte forcefully refer to modern technology and bizarrely quote it. Demi Lovato lyrics expressing her excitement for Peleton According to the series, this was a breakthrough moment.

And as for Carrie, the former sex columnist who had her face tacked to the side of a bus saying she was “not afraid to listen” because she knew good sex, podcast host Che Diaz (self-proclaimed queer non-sexual activists). She preached that the Mexican-Irish binary diva needs more dialogue when it comes to sharing a sex life.

Choi then asked a male co-host of the podcast to ask: “What can I personally do as a heterosexual cis man to eradicate the harmful patriarchy of gender dualism and heterosexual coercion?” Do people actually speak like this?

It does not mean that such a subject is included. There are many shows (e.g. bold type) address these issues specifically and speak to your audience in a way that feels authentic.

The fact that progressiveness is shoved into this series for the purpose of apologizing to correct past mistakes is a joke that doesn’t drive the Awakened line.

And fans may agree with me on this point, as one viewer said, “Reading this makes me want to crawl up the wall and stay there #AJLT.”

The second commented, “The current characters are hysterical and don’t make sense. The writers are waking up at the expense of character growth, and I love waking up! #AJLT.”

“#AJLT lost me in a storyline too eye-opening,” cried a third voice.

On the other hand, a fourth person commented, “I’m watching it now, just like the movies resisted the ‘And Just Like That’ series. And it’s just too awakening in itself. At every turn.” bottom.

Perhaps the most apt summary is this terrible summary: “Sex columnist Carrie: I hate talking about sex. Gallerist Charlotte: I hate having art in my home. Attorney Miranda: I hate using my brains and my wits.” And hate.”

Samantha’s observation of the sailors during Fleet Week is a lesson in the dangers of objectification that, like it or not, will be thrust down the viewer’s throat.

The touching story of Charlotte’s conversion to Judaism was used as a battering ram for her non-binary child, Locke, to complete “They Mitzvah” and, of course, Trans Rabbi.

It was all utter nonsense and unheard of (from a religious point of view). As a follower of Judaism, I was almost offended by the feeling that my religious tradition was being ridiculed purely because it was “to keep up with the times.”

I really hoped the second series of the show would be better. Even if Samantha wasn’t fully involved, I hoped the writers would see audience feedback and bring the show back to its roots.

As for the upcoming cameo appearance, Kim Cattrallthe first scene of the season looked promising as each character had their own raw moment set in a montage. Elton Johnof reworked trucks Tiny Dancer with Britney Spears.

But just as I got a little hopeful, my dreams for a believable reboot were ruthless when a character named The Rock (formally known as Rose) declared: shattered into “I will not be a party that supports patriarchy and heteronormative beauty.”

All she was asked to do was help put on her mother’s corset as she prepared to attend the Met Gala.

As Carey’s producer and lover Carrie at one point proclaimed, exaggerated references to contemporary culture are back. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion song.

And Lily (who grew up from an adopted child rescued from China) sings about being trapped in a golden cage, lying, and being trapped on the streets of Park Avenue in a song titled “The Power of Privilege.” Yes… Yes!

Miranda’s massacre continues, and the bullish, serious, and frank Brooklyn demeanor of the past is nowhere to be found. She’s been crying a lot lately.

This is the woman who interrupts a stranger’s conversation to declare, “He’s not that interested in you,” and viewers were captivated by her sarcasm, and sometimes biting sarcasm.

These scenes are replaced by conversations with an activist friend who complained that she needed to leave the Save the Planet event early because of the drama over “microaggressions” at her child’s school.

Again, fans agree. One said, “Why did they make Miranda clumsy, insecure, naive and sticky?”

“In the original, Miranda was always strong-willed, independent and ambitious. This is totally wrong!”

“How was @CynthiaNixon persuaded to accept this nervous, clingy, terribly stupid version of Miranda? And an even more stupid version of Carrie? Michael Patrick King now , you’re trolling your own character, aren’t you?” I thought for a moment.

A third fan said, “At SATC, she was always a strong lawyer, confident, smart, sarcastic, and resourceful. Now she’s nervous, needy, and crock. Her characterization is just terrifying.”

On the other hand, a fourth viewer said, “Really! You’ve turned Miranda, who used to be a strong and confident woman (and lawyer), into a bowl of jelly that I don’t recognize. The new #SATC is so disappointing.” ‘ commented.

and fifth added, “#AndJustLikeThat I couldn’t help but wonder why the scriptwriters decided to completely destroy Miranda’s character.”

The problem is that these new stories are utterly unbelievable, and it’s clear that fans aren’t supporting them.

They feel alienated by the fact that a once-fun, sex-obsessed show has been vehemently veered into an issue-first lecture that teaches its audience moral life lessons.

Gone are the days of laughing like Miranda struggling in a tantric sex class. Instead, Charlotte worries that her dinner party isn’t “diverse” enough.

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It doesn’t surprise me that Kim Cattrall has been away for so long. If I read that script, I would think so too! This is not the series that many people around the world have come to know and love.

And just like that… the legacy of a beloved show was ruined.

Fashion may be great, but a preachy social issue-led scene isn't.


Fashion may be great, but a preachy social issue-led scene isn’t.Credit: Mega Agency
Fans aren't used to the change in character, especially Miranda's demeanor


Fans aren’t used to the change in character, especially Miranda’s demeanorCredit: MAX
Kim Cattrall was right to walk away from the reboot show


Kim Cattrall was right to walk away from the reboot showCredit: Getty
The 90's hit series starred left to right Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.


The 90’s hit series starred left to right Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.Credits: Handouts – Getty And Just Like That is an insult to Sex and the City – it got lost

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