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Finally, the 2020 NBA Draft is complete.

Five months later, after an unusual pre-draft process due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA team finally injected young people into the roster in hopes of finding the next star.

At first glance, here’s how each team evaluated what they chose from Wednesday night:

Atlanta Hawks

6th place: Ocon Wu, C, USC

No. 50: Skyler Maze, SG, LSU

The Okonwoo is an exciting and athletic tycoon, but it’s a questionable fit as Clint Capela and John Collins are on the front court unless the Hawks show further movement.

grade: C +

Boston Celtics

No. 14: Aaron NESMITH, SF, Vanderbilt

No. 26: Peyton Pritchard, PG, Oregon

No. 47: Yam Madar, PG, Hapoel Tel Aviv (Israel)

The Celtics got a pair of NESMITH, who needed a shooter from the bench and was about to stop surgery on his foot, and Pritchard, who could provide some energy as a backup point guard. They then exchanged the 30th pick for two future second-rounders, creating a stash in Madal.

grade: B

NBA Draft Grade 2020
Obadiah Toppin, Anthony EdwardsIcons via Getty Images Sportswire; Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets

No. 57: Reggie Perry, C, Mississippi

Nets exchanged the Clippers Guard’s Landry Shamet for the 19th pick before delaying Perry. It remains to be seen if Shamet’s deal is a precursor to something big.

grade: C

Charlotte hornets

3rd place: Ramero Ball, PG, The Hawks

No. 32: Vernon Carry Jr., C, Duke

No. 42: Nick Richards, C, Kentucky

No. 56: Grant Liller, PG, Charleston

The ball could have been in first place, but the Hornets gladly scooped him up in third place. The Hornets have won a legitimate playmaker. The ceiling may be special. Then I added a younger size and another scorer to the liller.

grade: A

Chicago Bulls

4th: Patrick Williams, SF, Florida

No. 44: Marko Simonović, C, Montenegro

The Bulls got out of the board and chose Williams, who was the Sixman of the Year at ACC in his only season of college basketball. They hope that he can take advantage of his potential and versatility to make this pick look valuable in the future.

grade: C

Cleveland Cavaliers

5th place: Isaac Okoro, San Francisco, Auburn

In most mock drafts, the Cavaliers won the Obitoppin on the fifth pick, but instead chose the physical wing and a strong defender.How much Okoro’s attack grows to match his defense makes this choice along the way or breaks it.

grade: B-

Dallas Mavericks

No. 18: Josh Green, SG, Arizona

No. 31: Tyrell Terry, PG, Stanford

No. 36: Tyler Bay, Colorado PF

Mavericks may have something in this class. Green is athletic and defensive, Terry is a late riser, and Bay adds another defensive presence.

grade: B

Denver Nuggets

No. 22: Zeke Nnaji, PF, Arizona

No. 24: RJ Hampton, PG, New Zealand Breakers (Australia)

If his shots improve, Hampton could be one of the steals in this draft. Former top new hires lost their buzz when playing abroad rather than in college, but the Nuggets have recently been doing well with players who may have slipped down the draft board. Nnaji also brings some advantages and sizes.

grade: B

Detroit Pistons

7th place: Killian Hayes, PG, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)

No.16: Isaia Stewart, C, Washington

No.19: Saddiq Bey, SF, Villanova

No. 38: Saben Lee, PG, Vanderbilt

Pistons was overhauling their roster under the new GM Troy Weaver and he got off to a strong start Wednesday night. They were active in the trade and won three picks in the top 20. Hayes and Stewart can be an important part of some development, but Bay provides a stable presence with playing under Jaylight.

grade: A-

Golden State Warriors

2nd place: James Wiseman, PF / C, Memphis

No. 48: Nico Manion, PG, Arizona

No. 51: Justinian Jessup, SG, Boise

The Warriors’ minds may have been lost in Klay Thompson’s health, but there was a powerful addition to Wiseman that could have helped them compete for the title if they had the full power. He has stopped furling longer than others, but for some reason he was a top recruiter.

James Wiseman
James WisemanAP

grade: B +

Houston Rockets

No. 52: Kenyon Martin Jr., SF, IMG Academy

At least for now, it was almost a quiet night for the Rockets, who exchanged their 16th pick for Trevor Ariza and Pistons and hung on James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Martin has some good NBA pedigree, but who knows what locker room he will be in?

grade: C

Indiana Pacers

No. 54: Cassias Stanley, SG, Duke

Another team, the Pacers, who had to wait late into the night to make the only choice, went with Stanley and wanted him to be a 3D wing.

grade: C +

Los Angeles Clippers

No. 33: Daniel Otur, C, Minnesota

No. 55: Jay Scrub, SG, John A. Logan College

The Clippers won Luke Kennard on a three-team contract with Pistons and Netz, but gave up Laundry Shamet in the process. Oturu offers some size inside, and Scrubb is an interesting choice from junior colleges.

grade: B-

Los Angeles Lakers

No pick

grade: incomplete

Memphis Grizzlies

No. 30: Desmond Spring, SG, TCU

No. 35: Xavier Tillman, C, Michigan

No. 40: Robert Woodard II, Mississippi

The Grizzlies traded in the first round and landed Bain, one of the top shooters in his class, who could benefit from Ja Morant’s pass. While Woodard offers 3D wings, Tillman can help defend.

grade: B

Miami heat

No. 20: Precious Achiuwa, PF, Memphis

Heat broke out with a young big man at Bam Adebayo this season, so they added another man. It may still be a little raw, but he has many advantages.

Precious Achiwa
Precious AchiwaAP

grade: B

Milwaukee Bucks

No. 45: Jordan Nwola, PF, Louisville

No. 60: Sammeril, SG, Utah

Bucks made a splash with a lead-up to the draft, swapped for Jrue Holiday, and added a pair of shooters that could be useful off the bench like the Celtics.

grade: B-

Minnesota Timberwolves

First place: Anthony Edwards, SG, Georgia

No. 23: Leandro Bolmaro, SG, FC Barcelona Lassa (Spain)

No. 28: Jaden McDaniels, PF, Washington

It was a tough year to get first place without the consensus of top players, but Edwards could certainly be a star. He may have frowned upon a recent comment that he doesn’t like watching basketball, but his own play has allowed people to forget about it. Volmalo was one of the top stashes while McDaniels was still alive.

grade: A-

New Orleans Pelican

No. 13: Kira Luis Jr., PG, Alabama

A year after smashing the draft just by choosing Zion Williamson, Pelican gave him a playmaker that could burn past enemies. Lewis may need to fill out the frame, but it may be fun to watch with Williamson.

grade: B +

New York Knicks

8th place: Obadiah Toppin, SF / PF, Dayton

No. 25: Immanuel Quickley, PG, Kentucky

Knicks, after all, didn’t have to trade up to get Brooklyn’s own toppin. He was the best player in college basketball last year and brings an aggressive punch that requires some work to defend. They later turn 27th and 38th picks into 25th and future second round picks, hoping that Quickly will be the latest Kentucky prominent player to star in the NBA.

grade: B +

Oklahoma City Thunder

No. 17: Aleksej Pokusevski, PF, Olympiacos Piraeus (Greece)

No. 37: Vito Krejči, PG, Zaragoza (Spain)

Contrary to popular belief, Thunder doesn’t own all the picks for the first round of the next five drafts, but he does seem to be trying. After a busy week of trading, they had an almost quiet draft by choosing a pair of international outlooks. Poxevsky takes time to develop, but Thunder is not in a hurry.

grade: C

Orlando magic

No. 15: Cole Anthony, PG, North Carolina

Magic relies on Anthony to bounce off the tough season in North Carolina, which has receded due to knee surgery. If he returns to a player who was a top recruiter in high school, Magic can have a jewel.

grade: B

Philadelphia 76ers

No. 21: Tyreese Maxi, SG, Kentucky

No. 34: Théo Maledon, PG, ASVEL (France)

No. 49: Isaiah Joe, SG, Arkansas

No. 58: Paul lead, PF, depole

The days of Philadelphia’s Daryl Morey and Dock Rivers got off to a solid start, with 76ers landing on Maxi after a two-way weapon dropped to just 21. ..

grade: A-

Phoenix Suns

No. 10: Jalen Smith, PF, Maryland

Sands made another amazing choice when Smith went far beyond where most people expected to go.He can block shots and shoot three, but there were many other interesting options here

grade: D +

Portland Trail Blazers

No. 46: CJ Elleby, SG, WA

LB averaged 18.4 points and 7.8 rebounds per game, shooting 39.6 percent from the field last season, but he may have been a bit reachable.

grade: C-

Sacramento Kings

No. 12: Tyrese Halliburton, PG, Iowa

No. 43: Jahmi’us Ramsey, PG, Texas Tech

Kings had to be excited about Halliburton falling to his knees. Halliburton will join the backcourt featuring De’Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield after thinking they could move up to 4th place.

grade: A-

San Antonio Spurs

No. 11: Devin Wassel, SG, Florida

No. 41: Tre Jones, PG, Duke

Wassel seems to be the next gem that the Spurs unearth as a late-blooming 3D wing. He then chose Jones, another player who could benefit from the Spurs development process.

grade: A-

Toronto Raptors

No. 29: Malaki Flynn, PG, San Diego

No.59: Jalen Harris, SG, Nevada

The Raptors drafted the required position at Flynn, a dynamic scorer at the university, as Fred VanVleet could leave the free agent.

grade: B +

Utah Jazz

No. 27: Yudoka Azbuike, Kansas, C

No. 39: Elijah Hughes, SG, Syracuse

Azbuike brings ample size and physicality behind Rudy Gobert, whose name has emerged in trade rumors. Hughes was the top scorer of ACC last season.

grade: C

Washington Wizards

9th place: Deni Avdia, SF / PF, Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)

No. 53: Cassias Winston, PG, Michigan

Avidia has fallen, but if his aggressive and aggressive thinking sticks to the NBA, it could be a powerful pickup for Wizards. Winston was a hearty type of player who could play a role at Michigan State University.

grade: B

Analyze all team choices

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