Analysis: For Trump, the goal is to create post-election turmoil

Washington (AP)-President Donald Trump wants to turn America’s free and fair elections into a mess of false information, suspicious legal claims, and unfounded attacks on the country’s democratic foundation. I will.

The resulting turmoil and turmoil is not a by-product of Trump’s strategy after being defeated by Democrat Joe Biden. Chaos and confusion are strategies.

Trump’s blizzard on elections allowed him to disseminate dissatisfaction and suspicion among his most loyal supporters, leaving many with the false impression that he was a victim of fraudulent voting. I am. It won’t keep Trump in power-Biden swears on January 20-but it undermines the new president’s efforts to unify the destroyed nation, which will take place in 2024. A well-known media venture that could fuel Trump in his next effort, even in another White House.

“It’s all about maintaining his ego and visibility,” said Jad Greg, a former Republican Governor and US Senator in New Hampshire. “He has collected a lot of money and will spend it.”

The effects of Trump’s strategy are already beginning to emerge. According to a Monmouth University poll on Wednesday, 77% of Trump supporters said Biden’s victory was due to fraud, despite overwhelming evidence of opposition.

Even now, more than two weeks after the election day, Trump’s approach is amazing and not surprising. This represents an unprecedented attack on democratic elections by the incumbent President of the United States. Republicans are almost silent about blaming. But that’s exactly the scenario Trump spent most of 2020 laying the groundwork. In particular, there is his unfounded claim that mail voting is subject to systematic fraud. That wasn’t true before 2020 or in this election.

“No one should be surprised at his reaction. He foresaw it long before the election and continues his pattern of proclaiming victory, regardless of the facts,” said former Republican Governor of Minnesota. Said Tim Paulenti.

The facts in this case are not disputed.

Biden surpassed Trump in a comfortable margin in major fierce battle states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, surpassing the 270 votes of the Electoral College needed to win the White House and approaching 80 million votes nationwide. .. Federal and state electoral officials have declared the contest free of widespread fraud, even calling the 2020 race the safest in US history.

Trump responded by dismissing messenger Chris Krebs, the country’s highest election security authority, who repeatedly guarantees the integrity of the 2020 vote.

Reliable statements from Krebs and state officials across the country did nothing to discourage Trump’s allegations without evidence that the Democratic Army had colluded to set up an election against him. He officially refused to make concessions to Biden, giving him access to everything from president-elect pushing national security information to a blueprint for the government’s deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine, which mainly occurs in Biden’s surveillance. I made it.

All the while, the president and his allies tried to push his claim into court. And prominent Republicans, including Senate leader Mitch McConnell, said Trump should be given space to pursue all available legal pathways. However, these routes are being closed rapidly, and judges across the country are dismissing the proceedings one after another.

Some Trump allies personally admit that using courts to actually reverse Biden’s victory is not the point of their efforts. Also this week, when a pair of Michigan Republicans voted against proving Biden’s overwhelming victory in Wayne County, some Trump advisers were upheld, but they were also voters. Sees no real way to persuade the GOP-controlled state legislature to appoint an elector who overturns his will. They turned around in response to public protests.

Trump’s allies say it’s not about overturning election results, but about helping the president’s most loyal supporters stay vibrant by engaging in everything they might pursue after resigning- In elections, even if it means not giving them information about the reality of what was unfolded.

Trump has long enjoyed blurring the line between truth and fiction and taking advantage of the turmoil it creates. If anything, his presidency only bolded those trends, given the ways Republican and friendly media helped drive his version of the event.

Those same dynamics continue to help support Trump through this post-election stretch. Some small conservative media have refused to accept Biden’s victory and have seen an increase in viewers as a result. And most Republican leaders helped cover Trump by stopping publicly acknowledging Biden’s victory, despite the fact that many do so personally.

Republicans have their own strategies. The majority of the party’s Senate has been out of balance in two finals in Georgia in January, and some Republican strategists believe Trump’s base is key to the party’s success. I am. They have voted in the Senate as an accurate revenge for Trump’s defeat in “illegal” elections, saddle Biden, the Republican majority.

Others say they are simply trying to get past the last few weeks of his presidency without rocking the boat, even if that means prospering false information about the country’s election process. See the party’s reaction as a signal.

“It’s a difficult, ironic politics,” said Mike Murphy, a veteran Republican strategist who supported Biden in the elections. “They are waiting for him because they don’t think noise is an imminent threat.”

“The elephant has emerged as a Republican symbol and has chickens in it,” Murphy continued in his party’s bitter criticism.


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Analysis: For Trump, the goal is to create post-election turmoil

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