America Ferrera rips Kamala Harris’s “cruel” and “ineffective” border message: “It’s a slap on the face”

Actress and liberal activist America Ferrera accuses Vice President Kamala Harris During his appearance in The View, the Vice President’s message to immigrants not to go to the US-Mexico border was “cruel” and “incredibly ineffective.”

Asked by the Emmy Award-winning “Ugly Betty” star She About recent comments HarrisAt a joint press conference with Guatemalan President Alejandro Jamatti, he said “don’t come” to immigrants.

Ferrera replied, “I had a lot of thoughts.” “But first and foremost, there was extreme disappointment and confusion about how useless, futile and ineffective the strategy was.

“What she said is essentially telling the drowning person not to wave for life and do the only thing that might save her or her child. “She continued. “As she knows, it’s not only incredibly ineffective, but also cruel and very disappointing. Harris President Biden promised sympathy. They promised humanity. They promised that we would bring humanity back to the rule of our country and include it in immigration policy.

“To be quite honest, as someone who campaigned, rallyed, and voted for Biden and Biden. Harris — It’s a slap on the faces of all immigrant advocates who believed in what they promised to be change and compassion, “Ferella added.” So they know well and should do better. “

“These comments are harmful and she should be responsible for these comments, as they perpetuate a very harmful view that reduces the security of immigrants in this country,” she said at a show on Wednesday. ..

MS. Harris Then faced backlash from both sides of the political passage She At a meeting on Monday, “I want to make it clear that people in this area are thinking of doing dangerous trekking on the US-Mexico border. Don’t come.”

White House spokesman Jen Saki sought to clarify what the Vice President said on Tuesday.

“What the Vice President wanted to say is that there is still work to be done,” she said. “As I have said many times here and in many previous forums, it takes more time to complete the work to ensure that the asylum procedure is where it should be.”

MS. Harris She herself does not directly mention the criticism.

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America Ferrera rips Kamala Harris’s “cruel” and “ineffective” border message: “It’s a slap on the face”

Source link America Ferrera rips Kamala Harris’s “cruel” and “ineffective” border message: “It’s a slap on the face”

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