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Allen Texas Mall Shooting: Police release body camera footage of police officer who shot dead Texas outlet mall shooter

The Allen Police Department on Wednesday released body camera footage worn by the officer who shot and killed the shooter who killed eight people at an Allen, Texas outlet mall last month.

Authorities say Mauricio Garcia, 33, fired an AR-15 rifle in the parking lot of the Allen Premium Outlets on May 6 and drove through the facility as shoppers and employees evacuated. rice field. Police officer Allen, who was called nearby, responded and shot Garcia dead.

Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey said in a statement Wednesday that “this video shows how a routine interaction with the public can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation.” . “The officer recognized the danger, ran to the gunshot and neutralized the threat. For his actions, the Allen community will forever be grateful.”

The video, which is just over five and a half minutes long, begins with police officers interacting with families and reminding children to fasten their seatbelts when gunshots are heard.

A still image captured from a police body camera during the Allen Premium Outlets shooting.

Allen Police Department

Officers quickly responded by calling for help as the family hurried away.

A policeman was heard saying, “It looks like they were shot at an outlet mall.” “People running.”

The video shows a police officer returning to his car to retrieve his rifle, running to the sound of gunfire, and warning people to leave.

“Go, go, move,” he cried. “Get out of here!”

As the gunfire approached, officers radioed that there had been a mass shooting.

“145, I think there’s a shooter,” he said.

In the video, a police officer can be heard yelling for the gun to be dropped while firing.

“I am passing by with my injuries,” he said.

The video shows a breathless police officer approaching the sound of gunfire, stopping and firing repeatedly.

“The police opened fire and I beat him,” he said. He continued firing and yelling for him to drop his gun.

Officers marched toward the fallen shooter, and another officer said, “He’s dead.”

The footage was released after Tuesday’s grand jury hearing returned a “no bill,” indicating that the use of force by police was justified under Texas law.

The video was edited by police to obscure the faces of civilians and victims and to remove some words, the statement said.

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