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Albany Med nurses reunited for a fair contract

They demand that they say that it is a fair contract that puts patient care and safety first.

This will take place within a week of the nurse strike scheduled for December 1st.

“Hospitals and our state have lowered safety standards that endanger us all. We are consumables in their eyes,” said Tanya, a nurse dealing with COVID-19 patients. It was.

While talking last week, Dennis McKenna, President and CEO of Albany Med, said they were the best when the community needed them most during the pandemic.

McKenna also said that requesting a strike during a pandemic is completely irresponsible.

However, the New York State Nurses Association states that working conditions at the Albany Medical Center are unsafe. On Wednesday, they sent the following concerns to NewsChannel 13.

  1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires that masks be reused only if there is no equipment supply for 90 days. The state says all hospitals have a 90-day supply. According to the Albany Medical Center, there is a 90-day supply. The question is, why do hospital executives force nurses to reuse masks up to 20 times for many different people?
  2. The Albany Medical Center must stop moving patients from floor to floor without regaining COVID test results. You need to make sure that the virus does not spread from floor to floor and from unit to unit. Why is the Albany Medical Center mixing patient populations in a way that makes it easy to spread the virus?
  3. The Albany Medical Center has created a ratio of critical staff for nurses and patients, but is now actively violating it. It is essential in spring for proper patient care and continues to be essential for the surge in autumn.

NYSNA states that it has filed two complaints with the National Labor Relations Board regarding Albany Med. NYSNA says hospitals are illegally encouraging nurses to leave the union.

In response, Albany Med issued the following statement on NewsChannel 13.

“The Albany Medical Center never advised nurses to leave the union. Our nurses are worthy of the facts and have released information on member selection. It is perfectly legal.”

NYSNA’s second complaint concerns Albany Med, who refused to release union negotiation committee employees for future negotiations due to a strike notice scheduled for December 1. It states that it is.

Albany Med nurses reunited for a fair contract

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