Alabama prison guard accuses reporter of skirt length

They would make great high school vice principals.

An Alabama reporter was accused of skirt length before being executed at a state prison Thursday night.’s Ivana Hrynkiw was interviewed by corrections officer Kelly Betts when she was covering the execution of Joe Nathan James Jr. in Atmore. report on friday.

“I have worn this skirt in previous executions without incident, to work, to professional events, etc. and believe it is appropriate.” wrote on twitter“I tried to make the skirt longer by pulling it all the way down my butt, but I was told it wouldn’t work.”

A colleague at a TV station in Birmingham came up with an improvised solution. He had some fisherman’s waders in his car, which he provided to Hrynkiw.

Seeing no other option, she took on waders and suspenders, but even that wasn’t enough. She was next badged for open-toed heels. I didn’t mean to get rid of her so easily. She had tennis shoes in the car.

“This was an uncomfortable situation. I was embarrassed to be questioned about my body and clothes in front of a room of people I had barely met,” Hrinkiu wrote on Twitter. “I sat down and did my job trying to stop my face from blushing. Like a lot of what women have to do.”

Batts told that new guards at Atmore Prison want to start enforcing a dress code. Split/slit should be knee length or below (women only).

However, according to, the only shoes that are prohibited are “slippers, shower shoes, and beach shoes.”

Hrynkiw said another woman had reported to the Associated Press and had marched in front of her room to have her dress checked. Other reporters were not told to change.

“This was unacceptable and unfair treatment,” said Kelly Ann Scott, editor-in-chief and vice president of content for Alabama Media Group. “This was sexist and a gross violation of professional conduct, and it should never happen again to any other reporter.”

Alabama prison guard accuses reporter of skirt length

Source link Alabama prison guard accuses reporter of skirt length

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