Air Force Officials: Pilot Error Leads to Fatal Crash in the North Sea

Air Force pilots were confused by poor visibility and crashed a fighter off the British coast earlier this year, U.S. military officials said Monday following the results of an accident investigation.

A pilot identified as Lieutenant Keith Allen was on June 15, 2020, when his F-15C Eagle descended into the North Sea, about 124 nautical miles northeast of RAF Lakenheath, during a U.S. Air Force “regular training flight.” I was killed. Officials said.

“The loss of airmen was never easy, and this plane crash was no exception,” said Colonel Jason Camilletti, commander of Lieutenant Allen of the 48th Fighter Wing.

The Accident Investigation Commission concluded that Lieutenant Allen was unable to perform a proper visual scan of the cockpit instrument if he persisted in intercepting the simulated enemy aircraft and, in some circumstances, needed to fly with the instrument rather than visually. ..

“The diminished visibility of the pilot and the lack of a distinguishable horizon led to spatial disorientation,” officials said. “The pilot’s inability to accurately sense the pitch attitude of the aircraft due to spatial disorientation has contributed significantly to the pilot’s undesired low pitch attitude, rapidly descending altitude, and the resulting accident.”

General Jeff Haridian, commander of the US Air Forces in Europe and the African Air Force, said Lieutenant Allen was “a good officer and a great asset to the team.”

“This unfortunate accident reminds us of the inherent risks that airmen take on a daily basis to ensure the success of the Air Force,” said General Khalizian.

Officials said an aircraft worth about $ 45 million was destroyed.

Lieutenant Allen was the assistant chief of weapons in the tactics of his fighter squadron. He has been in the unit since February 2020 and has survived by his wife and parents.

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Air Force Officials: Pilot Error Leads to Fatal Crash in the North Sea

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