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AI Teaching Assistants Should Be Simple for Student Convenience: Research

Orlando [US]December 26 (ANI): As a result of the growth of online learning, a new kind of teacher could emerge: an artificial teacher. is interesting.

Researchers at the University of Central Florida’s Nicholson School of Communication and Media are investigating how students view teachers who use artificial intelligence.

Some of their findings, published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, suggest that for students to accept AI teaching assistants, they must be convenient and easy to communicate with.

It is hoped that understanding how students interact with their AI teachers will help engineers and computer scientists to design them in a way that makes it easier to integrate them into the educational experience, the school said. said Jihyun Kim, associate professor and lead author of the study.

“To use machine teachers effectively, we need to understand students’ perceptions of machine teachers, their learning experiences with machine teachers, etc.” Helps reduce the burden. These questions often come up every semester, and in an online class with hundreds of students, the numbers can be overwhelming and can be a big challenge for teachers. Providing answers quickly also helps students.

An example of an AI teaching assistant is an assistant named Jill Watson created by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Jill was given thousands of questions and answers commonly asked in the online classes of researchers he has taught over the years. , as if you were one of the researcher’s human teaching assistants, able to accurately answer common student questions without human assistance.

In a UCF study, researchers asked respondents to read news articles about AI teaching assistants being used in higher education, then surveyed students’ perceptions of the technology.

The finding that AI-based teaching assistants that students are most likely to accept are useful and easy to communicate with, says Kim, shows the importance of having an effective AI system.

“We hope that our research results will help us find effective ways to incorporate AI agents into education.” Such as interviewing students and developing educational strategies that ultimately help them learn meaningfully. is. (Ani) AI Teaching Assistants Should Be Simple for Student Convenience: Research

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