After Kyrie Irving’s defense, Troll targets Jay Williams

Jay Williams’s public defense Kyrie Irving Started with Stephen A. Smith He called him “full of it” and only got worse from there.

ESPN’s analyst is on Instagram with him after appearing on “First Take” this week. Show support using his Twitter account For the unvaccinated Netsstar — Internet trolls wanted his death.

Williams was said to “hit the pole and die again”, referring to a motorcycle accident that almost killed him in 2003 and virtually ended his basketball career.

Williams, who stated he was vaccinated against COVID-19, defended Irving’s position as a personal decision. The decision to keep him away from Nets. Does not allow him to be a part-time player.. New York City guidelines do not allow you to play home games at Barclays Center unless you are vaccinated.

Williams, who appeared on ESPN on Wednesday, defended Irving in a discussion with Smith. Smith called Irving’s stance “some of the stupidest nonsense I’ve ever seen.” Smith has been strongly vaccinated On the network.

Kyrie Irving
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

Williams’ claim is summarized as Irving has the right to do what he likes with his body. What Irving does with his body during a coronavirus pandemic is weakened by the fact that it also affects the people around him.

Williams wrote in several applause emojis, “I support you @KyrieIrving,” after Irving quoted a number of people unemployed due to vaccination obligations on Instagram. rice field.

Williams is also feeling a backlash now.

“Thank God. [near-death] Experience, because I don’t need anyone else to justify what I think of myself, “Williams said.

After Kyrie Irving’s defense, Troll targets Jay Williams

Source link After Kyrie Irving’s defense, Troll targets Jay Williams

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