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AC truck driver arrested unaware of Texas immigration disaster

Texas man accused of being a mastermind Smuggling failure After 53 people were killed in excessive heat in a crammed tractor trailer, the driver told a confidential government informant that he was unaware that the air conditioner had stopped working.

A Texas federal court filing documented Homero Zamorano, 45, a series of desperate texts on Monday shortly after the 18-wheeled vehicle went off radar in the worst smuggling case in U.S. history. It is shown that it was sent.

“Where are you?” Martinez sent a text message at 1:40 pm, court documents said. Then, within two hours, he sent at least three messages, such as “Call me bro,” without receiving a reply.

He sent the final text at around 6:15 pm, by which time authorities had driven Interstate 35 and had dozens of corpses from a tractor trailer just abandoned on San Antonio Street. While pulling, Zamorano was hiding in the bush. The Washington Post reported..

Fifty-three people were killed in excessive heat in a crammed tractor trailer.
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He was also high in methamphetamine, Authorities said later.

The court’s filings also state that government informants working for the federal and Texas police confirmed that Martinez and Samorano had talked to each other after the tragedy was discovered.

According to the informant, Martinez said, “The driver was unaware that the air conditioner unit had stopped working and was the reason why the individual died.” According to BBC News..

Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez says truck driver Homero Zamorano was unaware that AC had stopped working.

As the temperature rose to 103 degrees Celsius in San Antonio on Monday, there were no signs of water on the tractor trailer carrying the immigrants, and the air conditioning and refrigeration were not working.Victims were hot and suffering to the touch Heat stroke and dehydration Inside a truck where temperatures have exceeded 115 degrees Celsius, according to first responders.

Both Martinez and Zamorano are facing Smuggling of immigrants As a result, the death penalty is imposed and life imprisonment or death penalty is imposed. The other two are also facing criminal charges.

Victims were from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Christian Martinez
According to court filings, Christian Martinez sent a series of desperate texts to driver Homero Zamorano on Monday.
Anderson County Prison)

They included a college-educated Honduras couple, Alejandro Miguel Andino Caballero and his fiancé Margita Malapas Grajeda. A pandemic and two major hurricanes only weaken the economic outlook for an economically depressed country, and they set out for the United States in hopes of a better future. According to the Los Angeles Times..

AC truck driver arrested unaware of Texas immigration disaster

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