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“Abandoned” van found near Grand Teton on August 27

Gabby Petito’s modified white van was discovered last month near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming — 2 days after missing According to her family, a person from Long Island was last contacted.

The 2012 Ford Transit footage was discovered on August 27 by travel bloggers Jen and Kyle Basoon. Posted on their YouTube Sunday.

“I came across a white van with a Florida plate,” said Jenn Bethune. “A little white van. We were from Florida so we were going to stop and say hello, but the van was completely dark. There was no one there so we decided to continue along the way. “

A couple recording the family’s national trip said Van seemed to be “forsaken.”

Bethune said he saw the van parked beside him at around 6 or 6:30 pm and later returned to the road to see it again.

“It’s a bit freaky late Saturday night,” said Kyle Bethoon. “But we had a little flatulence on our head,” Oh, we have that van. ” ”

“We were also from Florida so we were going to stop and say hello, but the van was completely dark,” said YouTuber Jenn Bethune.
Red White & Bethoon / YouTube

The Bethune video is just one of several sightings reported to authorities seeking public help to determine where Petite is.

Last month, 22-year-old Petit disappeared during a cross-country trip with her missing boyfriend, Brian Laundry, after returning to her home in Florida.

She finally spoke to her at FaceTime on August 25th.

Petito’s family said they and the FBI knew of Bethune’s video.

Jen and Kyle Basoon.
Jenn and Kyle Bethune have recorded the family’s journey across the country, saying the van appears to be “abandoned.”
Red White & Bethoon / YouTube

“We believe this is a van for multiple reasons,” a relative wrote on Sunday. “Find Gabby” Facebook page.. “Don’t clog the chipline with the same video. This is in the hands of the right people. Thank you very much, this is exactly what we are asking people to review old photos and videos. That’s why. #FindGabby “

Some of the other reported sightings were by traveler Shannon Baker. I told KST-TV Driving the Jenny Lake area of ​​Grand Teton on August 25 when she and her husband saw the van around 5 pm

“I’m sure it,” Baker told KST. “There’s a black ladder in the back, two black roofs on top, two bars, and I commented that it would be the perfect little camper to go around.”

It wasn’t until last week that they realized it was the same car when they saw reports that Petit was missing.

“I said,’What a hell!’ It’s the same van we saw,” Baker said. “Undoubtedly, in my husband’s life, I know the fact that I was their van.”

Authorities have pondered and searched for hundreds of tips Wide belts in Wyoming and Utah Petito was reported missing on September 11th, and news of her disappearance spread through word of mouth.

“All of these little pieces can be small pieces of puzzles that help you understand where Gabby is,” St. Clayton Pratt of the Titon County Sheriff’s Office told KST.

The road where the Gabby Petit van was found.
The Jenn and Kyle Bethune videos are just one of several sightings reported to the authorities.
Red White & Bethoon / YouTube

Petit, 22, last talked to her mother, Nicole Schmidt, on August 25, but mysteriously disappeared afterwards. Meanwhile, her Laundry, 23, returned to her Florida home on September 1st alone.

Meanwhile, Laundry, who served as a lawyer and refused to talk to investigators, is now Another large search After disappearing from North Port, Florida last week, he was a home shared with Petit and his parents.

Laundry’s parents told police that his son went hiking in the vast Carlton Reserve near his home on Tuesday and never returned.

“Abandoned” van found near Grand Teton on August 27

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