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Aaron Rodgers blames Biden after unvaccinated quarterback joke

Unvaccinated Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers has accused President Joe Biden of the “fake White House.” Commander-in-chief joked Last month, quarterbacks remained unvaccinated.

Rogers yelled at Biden in a candid NFL veteran ESPN profile released Friday. Recently labeled COVID-19 “Unvaccinated pandemic”.

“When the President of the United States said,’This is an unvaccinated pandemic,’ it’s because of him and his members, and I don’t know what happens when I look at his public speech attempts, Rogers said Thursday, according to ESPN.

“But when you say such a thing, you have a CDC, how do you trust them? — But then they come out and die from COVID 75 % Says there are at least four comorbidities. And you still have this fake White House set, saying it’s an unvaccinated pandemic and it doesn’t help the conversation. . “

President Joe Biden recently labeled COVID-19 as an “unvaccinated pandemic.”
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A CDC research found Only 36 of the 1,228,664 groups who were fully vaccinated between December 2020 and October 2021 died from the virus, most of them having pre-existing conditions.

Rogers commented in December that Biden told Packers’ winter hated storm survivors that they needed to vaccinate their quarterbacks while touring the tornado damage in Kentucky. Please do it. ” According to reporters..The joke came to the end of the conversation when they were saying goodbye, CBS White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe tweeted at the time..

Despite claiming in August, he It was “immunized” against COVID-19. Report released in November Rogers was not vaccinated, When his positive test against the virus made him miss the game.Rogers Reportedly Instead of a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine, he decided to get an alternative “homeopathic treatment” from his doctor to raise antibody levels.

Fans have a sign that says Immunized = Penalized.
According to a CDC study, only 36 of the 1,228,664 fully vaccinated groups died from the virus.
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Rogers a few days later Complain about the “awakened mob” He criticized him for dealing with his preventive contact situation and claimed that he did not lie about the matter.

ESPN’s interview took place the day before San Francisco 49ers defeat Rogers’ top seed packers At the end of the game field goal.

Aaron Rodgers blames Biden after unvaccinated quarterback joke

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