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A woman reunited with a dog stolen six months ago in Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ (WABC)-Newark’s broken heart woman finally reunited with her dog after being stolen six months ago, even after the suspect was arrested in July.

It’s a mix of joy and sadness. I have pain and anger.

“That guy is an animal … he’s worse than a pig,” said Aquarius Goodrich.

Nuka is a 4-year-old Yorkie who was taken to a passing driver on June 15th last year in a friendly conversation with her owner, and her life changed dramatically.

The driver hugged the dog and ran the car with his family’s pet.

“He didn’t look like a thug, a criminal, or a monster … you see a monster look like a person,” Goodrich said.

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Since then, Goodrich has fought to retrieve the dog from a suspect identified by police as Kenor Monroe.

The battle went to court and the judge decided to hand over Nuka to Goodrich.

The suspect claimed that the dog was given to him, but investigations proved that he was taken without the consent of the owner.

Goodrich said he intends to withdraw the charges, but if he had the opportunity to see Luka and see his condition, she said she was currently pursuing a kidnapping in court.

“My dog ​​has been abused and I am not withdrawing the charges now,” she said.

Before he was attacked by a dog, Nuka liked to play with family cats. He was a cute and cute Yorkie who was a gift from his daughter to Goodrich before heading to the Navy four years ago.

Nuka has lost a lot of hair and hasn’t taken a bath for a while.

“He’s molting, he looks filthy, but I don’t care. Because he’s my dog ​​and my baby, I can hug him. How filthy he is I don’t care if it’s there, he’s mine, “Goodrich said.

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He is unstable and needs veterinary consultation.

“He’s not only a dog, he’s also my baby,” Goodrich said.

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A woman reunited with a dog stolen six months ago in Newark, NJ

Source link A woman reunited with a dog stolen six months ago in Newark, NJ

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