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A Week Digested: I’m Mindful Vitriol-Bound New Yorkers | Emma Brocks


As an amazing scene in the art section of the New York Times over the weekend, review drop For Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, or changed to a Broadway title, bad cinderellaWithin days of the ticket going on sale, it was already being flogged on discount ticket sites in New York, but that was before the review came out.

Jesse Green’s assessment of the show was, as he puts it, ‘welcomed with a luxurious warmth’ 2 Summer in London It was neither warm nor sweet. From the first “Bring me earplugs” to the next “Bring me eyeplugs”, and even “If you have a soul plug, I would recommend it too”, I declared it as one of them. Of these reviews, it is effectively mandated by law to initiate the transfer. (I exchanged texts with some friends that morning, which simply said “soul plug” and needed no further explanation).

The gist of Green’s Beef is that the show, a “vulgar, sex-up-and-dumb-down” version of the classic tale, has “workmanlike lyrics” by David Zippel, an undercooked book by Emerald Fennell, and ” Lawrence Connor”. Lindy Gennao, who plays Cinderella, was said to “sing bravely.” In the process of tearing down the show, Green swiped Evita (“not good for the culture”) and Cats (“not good for anything”) and briefly sided with Lloyd Webber. The whole reading experience was an absolute roller coaster of changing loyalties.

Despite its savagery, it still wasn’t up to the gold standard for this kind of thing. Lynn Gardner review In this paper for the short-lived 2005 West End musical called Behind the Iron Mask. Referring to the plot as to whether the heroine should be killed off, the fearless critic concluded:

Photo of the Week 1: “Advanced Robotics and Star Wars Transport Walkers” Photo: Jacob King/PA Media


New York has bounced back from Covid, but not enough for the charity New York City partnership. with your own account, “to mobilize the resources and expertise of the private sector to advance New York City’s position as a global center of economic opportunity, upward mobility, and innovation”. I think, but it’s certainly at the center of the new campaign launched by the charity last week and the turmoil is still going on. Have you ever met someone from New York? – The campaign puts a new twist on a classic. Logo I Heart NY designed by Milton Glaserinexplicably change to “We Heart NYC”.

a tsunami According to Graham Clifford, who designed the new logo, the sans-serif lettering was customized from the font used on the subway, and the heart design has a bloated, cartoonish feel. As befits a New York Times theater critic, someone on Twitter said: A show of unity that many other New Yorkers agree with and raises the possibility that New York City’s partnerships are smarter than they look.


chief trouble, a ‘women’s networking group’ that raised $100m (£81m) in funding last year alone and is now embroiled in a battle over what and who it is for. I personally can’t think of anything worse than joining a women’s networking group. The networking world has always relied on business her plans to present focused self-interest as agents of social or political mobility. (Side note: I’ve never met a woman so unwilling to help other women as a paid event organized by a woman to help other women). In this case, group members pay a $5,800 annual (or her $7,900 for executives) subs to access the speaker’s events, mentoring, clubhouse, and of course each other. Members are now brooding over what is seen as the organization’s inadequate response to the death of Roe v Wade, and its drift into awkwardness within the upper ranks. Who could have predicted that a group set up to help women enter the workforce could get bogged down in this kind of dynamic?

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Prince Charles greets fans wearing Burger King hats at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Photo of the Week 2: “Hey, there’s a kid wearing the same hat!” Photo: Kay Nietfeld/AP


a growing trend In New York, as far as I know, in the East Village Hecate It spread to outfits in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Williamsburg. and provide a more inviting nighttime environment than a brightly lit café.

As is the case with veganism, drinking rates are likely to undergo an image overhaul in the coming years as they move from heavy drinkers Gen X to the more conservative habits of millennials and Gen Z.With anything made out of carrots sold as “chicken,” references to “mocktails” in traditional bars have been replaced with less sad and apologetic options. kava social, in Williamsburg, everything from lattes to mules is infused with Fijian root. This sounds like something that poisoned Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, but at least it’s a move in the right direction.


Extrapolation is the new climate crisis drama on Apple TV, starring Meryl Streep as a talking whale, Sienna Miller as a marine biologist, and Matthew Rhys. At the end of the first episode there’s an unfortunate encounter with a walrus: there’s always a career low, especially in his Streep case, how high up the chain can you go with an Apple-sized checkbook It’s hardly worth noting the unusual cases. Suddenly bad Cinderella isn’t so bad. A Week Digested: I’m Mindful Vitriol-Bound New Yorkers | Emma Brocks

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