A teen slapped by a seagull on a slingshot at 75 mph

Kylie Holman was celebrating her best friend’s birthday when an uninvited guest struck her face.

13-year-old Holman got more than negotiated when he rode a classic slingshot with his friend Georgia Reed, 14, at Wildwood, Molly’s Pier & Beachfront Water Park, New Jersey. It was.

She soared into the air at 75 mph — and faced a speed-violating seagull.

The resulting video was originally posted online on July 13th, but was spread by word of mouth on Thursday morning, capturing the incredible moment when a bird jumped into Holman’s defenseless face as it jumped into the sky. I did.

Fortunately, Reed, the birthday girl, seemed unaware when Holman stripped the beach bird from her face and neck and threw the animal to the side.

“I knew I would never come back, and it was just going to hit me,” Kylie said. Fox news.. “I didn’t know what to do, so I’ll wait for it to spin over. I grabbed it and immediately threw it away.”

Meanwhile, another teenage mother, Arena Reed, said she didn’t know what had happened until the ride was over. “I saw the wings fall out of the car, but at first I thought it was a ticket,” she said.Include Daily mail..

The seagull appeared intact and flapping, leaving behind a few wings and a disgruntled teenager (also not injured).

Holman told local television news outlets that he had no plans to re-ride the Slingshot.

A girl riding a slingshot and hitting her face with a seagull
Georgia Reed and Kylie Holman welcomed an unexpected visitor while riding a slingshot into the air.

A teen slapped by a seagull on a slingshot at 75 mph

Source link A teen slapped by a seagull on a slingshot at 75 mph

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