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A strange collection of tattoos from super fan showstars in Seinfeld

Who needs a rerun?

Enthusiastic “Seinfeld” fans take the blockbuster Sitcom cast everywhere with the expensive and perfect ink tattoos of Jerry, Elene, George and Kramer on their left arm.

Gavin Steffen added portraits of show co-producer Larry David and his old Manhattan neighbor Kenny Kramer. This is the inspiration for the character who shares his name.

“My arms are more famous than I am,” admitted a 39-year-old Brooklyn man. When I’m on the subway, I’m asked, “Can I take a picture of the sleeves of” Seinfeld “?”

That’s not a bad thing. Or this — the inking process took 36 hours completely.

Tattoos are just the first part of his very strange Odyssey. Stephen later persuaded David, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to sign their arms with their images over the past seven years.

His recent conquest was Dreyfuss, who signed earlier this month while attending a Brooklyn protest caused by a leak of what appears to be the overthrow of the Supreme Court in the Roe v. Wade case.

Steffen saw her visiting Dreyfus’ Instagram page, appeared on the rally site two hours earlier, and wandered around hoping for the best.

“And she’s talking to a young woman,” he recalls. “No one cares, so I take off her coat and show her her arms.”

Dreyfus signed and took a photo with Steffen. She even posted a video of her improvised arm signature visit on Instagram, where Steffen’s inked image drew 145,224 likes.

“It’s his body and his choice,” Dreyfuss said in line with the theme of the day.

His first cast was signed in 2015 when the co-creator of “Seinfeld” was playing on Broadway. He waited outside the theater exit, made a pitch, and got a sign over the tattooed David.

He still remembers David’s reaction. Oh awesome. “

Second place was Jason Alexander, followed by Jerry Seinfeld and Dreyfuss, all using black sharpies. After that, Stephen rushes to tattoo artist Stefano Alcantara. Stefano Alcantara fills the signature with ink to make it permanent.

“It’s the hardest time,” explained Stephen, a longtime employee of Loews Home Improvement. “You are very worried about dirt.”

Alexander, who took over David in Broadway production, said he actually heard from David about a man with tattoos, and then signed up himself.

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It was in 2018 that he landed a big fish, Seinfeld. His first attempt to get Jerry on board was a failure three years ago, but the mission was finally completed at the Gotham Comedy Club.

“Thank you for completing this wonderful piece of art, Gavin,” Seinfeld wrote on Instagram. “was fun.”

Stephen lived in North Carolina and always dreamed of moving to New York. He landed in Brooklyn on April 17, 2013. The tattoo started about a month later and took 36 hours to complete.

His “Seinfeld” enthusiast included eight trips to Kramer’s “Reality Tour,” a bus trip through the famous Manhattan spots linked to the show. Kramer saw Stephen many times, but finally got him on board for free.

“It was a bit strange when I first met him — this guy with all the tattoos from the show,” Kramer said. “But he turned out to be smart, kind and really nice. He is unique.”

Stephen’s great white whale remains Michael Richards. Michael Richards, of course, played Jerry’s neighbor Kramer during the nine-year run of the smash hit show.

“It will be difficult,” he admitted. “But to be honest, in reality, I’m far away. He’s 72. He’s not a spring chicken.”

A strange collection of tattoos from super fan showstars in Seinfeld

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