A small contradiction at the heart of Republican efforts to overturn the vote

Detroit (AP)-Polebook issues, disproportionate constituencies, and misreads have contributed to Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan for many years in Detroit and other predominantly black cities with thousands of votes. Is the center of our efforts.

Experts say these issues are present in all elections and present little serious threat to the integrity of the results.

There is no evidence of fraudulent voting in Michigan or any other state. And federal and state officials from both parties have declared that the 2020 elections are safe and secure. However, President Donald Trump and his allies spent two weeks raising false allegations of fraud, putting pressure on Republican officials and refusing to make concessions to Biden.

The state campaign committee will begin certifying election results on Monday from each of the 83 counties in Michigan, including Wayne County.

Some answers to basic questions about the solicitation and certification process:

Q: What happened to hold the certificate?

A: Republicans Monica Palmer and William Hartman, who belong to Wayne County’s Election Commission, first tried to block the approval of regular votes and then reversed them, but in their original position. I tried to go back. can not.

Palmer and Hartman were appointed by the county secretary, Democrats, in May. According to the county, after the other two Republicans on the board resigned, they were advised by the GOP to fill the spot.

Palmer quoted the allegation that certain Detroit districts were out of balance. This means that the absentee ballot book did not match the number of votes cast. Hartman said he changed his vote to prove the election because campaigners agreed to seek an audit of Detroit’s election performance.

Q: What is a pollster book?

A: Electronic polling stations are computer software used at polling stations on election days. This software allows voters to search a voter’s registration record, confirm their registration, and assign votes to that voter. This automates the typical paper process. After the election, the software generates a report to complete the official constituency record and voter history file, which is a paper voting book.

Q: What is out of balance?

A: If the total number of ballots does not match the total number of voters who have issued ballots, it is said that the constituency is out of balance. The amendments include confirming that all absentee votes have been processed and aggregated through the reply envelope, and that all absentee ballots are included in the poll total. I will.

“Someone opened the ballot and counted,” said Michael Traugott, a research professor at the University of Michigan’s Center for Political Science. “They know how many ballots there were. Then they counted the candidates’ votes, and they don’t match exactly.”

Republican campaigners were “engaged in the city of Detroit,” Traugott said.

Q: What is an incorrect reading in absentee ballot?

A: Misreading is a term used to describe situations where aggregates refuse to vote due to corrections such as erasures, stray marks, and invalid write votes. Votes rejected as blanks can also be the result of incorrect readings if voters mark them improperly or use improper marking tools.

Q: What are other examples of voting discrepancies?

A: Mr. Traugott says that if voters have to leave in line after being handed a ballot, the total number of votes will be reduced. Another potential issue is that the ballot is jammed or the ballot is not readable due to improper filling by the voter.

Q: What is a post-election audit?

A: Audits are reviews of procedures performed before, during, and after elections. Includes a review of the ballots voted and a hand tally of selected contests. A review of the ballots voted confirms that the equipment used to count the votes was working properly and gave accurate results.

Q: What will happen next?

A: Palmer and Hartman’s concerns will definitely be addressed during next week’s state-wide campaign. The state campaign committee has two Republicans and two Democrats. This means that an additional 2-2 deadlocks can occur.

The issue was then brought to the Michigan Claims Court, according to former Michigan Election Director Chris Thomas.

Thomas, who advised Detroit’s clerk in the general election, said the 172,000 absentee ballots received and processed by the city could have caused some problems in Detroit.

“I think Detroit has an amount of issues that other jurisdictions don’t deal with,” said Thomas.

To handle the large number of votes, the city’s clerk’s office also brought “many new people who have never done such an election campaign,” Thomas added.

“We have never seen anything wrong happen,” he said.


Williams reported from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

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A small contradiction at the heart of Republican efforts to overturn the vote

Source link A small contradiction at the heart of Republican efforts to overturn the vote

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