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A sex offender pretending to model a scout convicted of preying on a child

Queens registered sex offenders pretended to be modeling scouts, preyed on children up to 9 years old, solicited child pornography using over 20 Instagram accounts, and were convicted of sharing charges ..

Davis Burgos-Collazo, 43, was in federal court in Brooklyn on Wednesday in five attempts to sexually exploit children, distributing child pornography, accessing child pornography for viewing, and minors. I was convicted of committing a felony sexual offense involving a child. While being a registered sex offender.

In Burgos-Collazo’s week-long trial, prosecutors said in 2020 that Jamaican residents would use 26 different Instagram accounts with names such as “Future Model” and “Preteen Cosmetology Photographs” to give infants. Claimed to be tempted. According to a statement from the US Justice Department.

In one example, prosecutors said Burgos Corazo forced a 10-year-old girl to have live sex on Instagram for him.

According to the Justice Ministry, when the child asked a 43-year-old man to leave her alone, Burgos Corazo threatened to “post a naked photo of the 10-year-old child online to show to friends. rice field”.

The criminal accusation filed in this case was that a 12-year-old victim appeared in law enforcement and one of Burgos Corazo’s social media accounts sent her a message saying, “Show her vagina.” He said he asked.

Burgos-Collazo is a Queens sex offender who was previously convicted of raping a 7-year-old child.
US law firm

The girl also said she had witnessed the defendant masturbating on images of children being sexually abused. Reported by Law & Crime.

The FBI finally recovered over 100 photos and videos of child pornography on the Burgos-Collazo phone.

“Burgos’ beliefs show how vulnerable our children are to sexual predators,” said Michael Driscol, FBI Assistant Director. “A tragic plea from one of his victims should shock his parents and guardians.”

The current status of a Queens man as a sex offender is the March 2006 conviction of rape of a 7-year-old child and an attempt to sexually assault two other minors aged 9 and 11. It is derived from.

Burgos-Colazo faces life imprisonment when sentenced at a later date.

A sex offender pretending to model a scout convicted of preying on a child

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