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A move is underway to boost family-owned businesses in Chinatown

New York — A new campaign launched on Tuesday to welcome the holiday season. Chinatown Located in Manhattan, with many Chinatowns around the city and across the country.

The goal is to help communities that still face challenges. Anti-Asian hatred Reported by Cindy Hsu of CBS2.

You can help by going to Chinatown to shop and eat. Currently, 98% of his Lower Manhattan Chinatown businesses are family-owned stores, and in the past two years he has lost more than 150 businesses.

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Grace Young is a world-renowned cookbook author who is leading the fight to revitalize these important communities full of hard-working families.

“Despite the hottest sunshine and coldest day, we work two to three hours, seven days a week, standing 10 to 12 hours a day just setting up stands. I have a story to tell,” said Young.

Young received this year’s James Beard Humanitarian Award for all the work he does to save Chinatown communities across the country.

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Along with this award, she is donating a $20,000 grant to two small businesses in Chinatown. A butcher fighting eviction, she is 40 Division Street Trading and KK Discount. The apartment above has just reopened after being closed for 6 months after a deadly fire.

Norina Li spoke about the fire, which was deemed an accident and the pain her family, especially her father, suffered.

“I still remember the sound of water running down the walls and ceiling,” Lee said. “The most unbearable thing was the pain and fear in his eyes. I’m sorry, I got emotional. I said I would never do this, but here I am.” But now I’m crying tears of happiness. I couldn’t believe I was in front of the store, but here I am.”

A new social media campaign called Support Chinatown has been launched to help all businesses in Chinatown survive. To enter, simply post a photo or video showing your love for Chinatown on social media.

“Stand in your local Chinatown, perhaps your favorite restaurant, and shout out the must-have menu items and what you want to shop, or share your favorite Chinatown memories.

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Hsu posted one of her favorite spots and some of the best dim sum dishes to try. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #supportchinatowns.

Lower Manhattan’s Chinatown is the largest in the country, but there are actually nine Chinatowns throughout the city, including Flushing and East Harlem.

Therefore, there are many spots to visit. A move is underway to boost family-owned businesses in Chinatown

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