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A man confesses the killings of three people found while burning Texas dumplings

The suspect confessed in connection with the three dismemberment corpses Found in the burning dumplings last week – Like the other two murders, police said on Tuesday.

Jason Alan Thornberg, a 41-year-old electrician apprentice, admitted to being involved in the deaths of three people found in burning dumplings in Fort Worth earlier Wednesday. Police told reporters at a press conference..

Police chief Neil Noakes praised the investigators for arresting the suspect within a week, saying the three horrifying murder crime scenes were “not something everyone should see.” ..

“This was shocking, anxious, and we knew it was most important to bring someone to trial in the case,” Noakes said.

Murder Sgt. Joe Ruffman said firefighters found three dismembered bodies after serving burning dumplings near Bonnie Drive’s 3100-block business.The police said Victims were initially like victims of children, young women and men.However, investigators have since identified them as two women and one man.

Jason Alan Thornberg reportedly told police that he had committed a horrific crime.
Fort Worth Police Station

According to Lauman, male victims are known to frequently enter and leave the Dallas area, and David Rueras, 42, is associated with Euless, who was arrested on Monday for the murder of several Thornbergs. ) Was identified.

With on-site video surveillance, investigators asked the suspect-driven Jeep Grand Cherokee (later identified as Thornberg) for all information about the 2005-2010 model in Dallas and Tarrant counties. I arrived.

Looking at the list of over 7,000 vehicles, Thornberg’s name emerged. According to Lauman, he was known to the department for investigating suspicious deaths from May.

In that case, the policeman had no reason to arrest Thornberg, but was able to track his Jeep Cherokee to Arlington’s residence. Investigators then placed him at a hotel in Euless, where he was monitored by video showing guests leaving the Mid City Inn room with a bottle containing the victim’s suspicious body parts, Ruffman said.

“The subject went back and forth between places to add items to the back of the car,” Ruffman said.

Thornberg left Arlington’s residence on Monday afternoon to meet a Fort Worth detective and ask him to talk to them. He agreed with the interview and acknowledged his involvement in the deaths of the three victims in the dumplings.

Thornberg gave “details” on how he killed the victim, but Ruffman said he could not provide it due to an ongoing investigation.

Thornberg also admitted in May that he had previously murdered and killed another woman in another state. Ruffman said authorities in unnamed jurisdictions needed to provide more information and refused to provide additional details.

David Rueras was one of the victims of the crime.
David Rueras was one of the victims of the crime.
Fort Worth Police Station
Firefighters found three victims while extinguishing the dumplings.

A search for the motel room where Thornberg was staying is underway, Ruffman said. Thornberg was later charged with multiple murders and was successfully arrested in Euless. He remains detained in Tarrant County Jail with a $ 1 million bond.

Ruelas stayed with Thornberg at the Midcity Inn for several days before the murder, but he only “accidentally” knew of the female victim, Ruffman said.

“I couldn’t really get into the spirit of someone who could do this,” Loughman said.

A man confesses the killings of three people found while burning Texas dumplings

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