A major US bank tells its employees:

New York — A major investment bank on Wall Street sent a message to its employees this summer. Please return to the office and bring your vaccination card.

New York-based Morgan Stanley said this week that all employees need to prove their vaccination status. Unvaccinated people need to work remotely, and bank executives say they want to get everyone back to the office by September, potentially putting their jobs at risk.

“If you can enter a restaurant in New York City, you can enter the office,” Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman said at an industry conference earlier this month.

Morgan Stanley demands that employees return to the office and provide documents that they have been vaccinated with the coronavirus or have made a formal declaration confirming vaccination. It is one of.

Goldman Sachs required most employees to return to the office on June 14, with some exceptions extending the deadline to September 30. All employees must state the status of the vaccine, but no proof is required. JPMorgan requires employees to also submit vaccination records in the form of an internal portal.

The promotion of returning to work has its roots in the culture of the banking industry. Despite years of observing modernization and digital banking, the industry’s top executives operate in a culture that admires meeting in person to close deals. As a result, banks in major industries are urging employees to return to their offices as soon as the pandemic subsides.

“We know from experience that a culture of collaboration, innovation and apprenticeship thrives when people get together, and more colleagues come back to the office so they can experience it on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to it, “a Goldman Sachs executive wrote to employees earlier this month.

This is not the first time a bank has tried to return an employee to the office in a pandemic. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon sought to mandate traders to return to their offices in September 2020, long before the vaccine became available. The experiment lasted less than a week, resulting in several traders infected with COVID.

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A major US bank tells its employees:

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