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A hooded gunman kills a targeted victim and injures another in a Manhattan public housing lobby.

A targeted shooting Thursday night in the lobby of Alphabet City, a public housing complex, killed one man and injured a bystander, police sources said.

Shortly after 7:30 p.m., Jaden Stokes, 21, was shot dead by a masked gunman in black while waiting for an elevator in the Pedro Albiz Campos Plaza NYCHA building where he lived. Near Avenue C, police said.

In the scuffle, another resident, Jordan Lopez, 24, who was also waiting for the elevator, was shot in the left leg.

graphic video posted @NY Scoop An Instagram feed showing a cold-blooded assassination.

Footage shows Lopez, in a red puffer jacket, walking into the lobby, preoccupied with his phone, while Stokes, wearing a surgical mask, walks after him.

In the recording, the two were waiting in the elevator of the building they lived in when gunmen burst into the lobby and started firing. Lopez pops out of frame and Stokes appears to fall.

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The gunman escapes through the lobby door, but returns to make sure the bloody job is done. The video then cuts to an EMT furiously performing chest compressions on Stokes.

His family mourned his death on Thursday night.

“All I can say is that my brother was loved. He was one of eight children,” Stokes’ older brother said. “He’s just started working as an associate in a public school. He just got his first check.”

The motive for the brutal killing remains unclear, police said Friday.

An online fundraiser for “Funeral and Legal Costs” created Thursday by one of the Stokes brothers said, “Jaden was taken from this world far too young. Until we find more answers, we I won’t do anything.”

Stokes and Lopez both lived in the building but didn’t know each other, both families told News.

“My son was shot in the left leg. I didn’t know what was going on,” said Yahaira, 46, Lopez’s mother. “Unfortunately he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This happens to too many people.” A hooded gunman kills a targeted victim and injures another in a Manhattan public housing lobby.

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