A good start with a lot to prove

Brooklyn reached the midpoint of the season at 26-15. They participated in 1.5 games behind the Bulls, who lead the Eastern Conference on Friday. Completely overwhelmed Wednesday in Chicago.

Of course, that victory came from the Big Three playing together for the second time throughout the season. Almost everything else was obscured by Kyrie Irving’s absence due to refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but if all three stars were on the court, the net after James Harden arrived. Will be 16-3.

For now, chasing the Bulls (and the heat thanks to the previous defeat) isn’t very impressive, but Nets will be judged in May and June instead of January.

Still, let’s break down the individual parts of the Sports + Interim Report Card to get a feel for some of the big picture we’ve seen so far.

A good start with a lot to prove

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